Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I tried to post yesterday on my blog and it must have gone to blog heaven. I also tried twice today and even though it said it was posted successfully, it didn't appear. One time it just posted the date, so I am doing it a third time on my word processer and then Dick will attempt to paste it and transfer it to my blog. I am just feeling a little worse each day, but my doctor doesn't want me to go off Cymbalta, so he is keeping me on 30 mg until I can tolerate it. This is why I am going to have to go on vacation from blogging for a little while. It wears me out just to type. Hope it won't be for long.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Totally uninspired

Well, Dick has gone to meetings tonight at the church and it is my usual night to blog. Only one problem though, I have absolutely nothing to write about.

I swore I would not blog about my health anymore. That can be so boring. It has actually been a pretty slow week. I have pretty much done nothing. Dick has been such a sweetheart. He takes such good care of me when I'm down. He is a darned good cook, he does all my laundry and cleans my floors. I am not sure what I would do without him.

We're hoping that I will feel well enough at the beginning of next month to take a couple of weeks to go to Salt Lake and visit our daughter, Jayne. I can hardly wait because I'll get to see my great grandson, Sullivan, who is doing so well. He has had way too many operations for a little guy who is just fifteen months old. He is now walking, even though he was pretty late doing so. We are so thrilled because we weren't sure he would even be able to sit, much less walk. He doesn't have stomach muscles, but his legs and arms are so strong. While he was still in utero, they had to go in and pump his bladder because it had twice as much liquid in it as it should have had. His problem is called, "triad syndrome." He is such a smart little guy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with his brain. He is doing so well now, that we are hopeful. He will eventually have to have a kidney transplant but they are hoping it won't be until he reaches his teens. His kidneys are now working at 50%.

You can see who I am thinking of the most tonight. I do have other neat great granchildren and most of you have seen many pictures of them on Sue's blog. They are such lucky kids because their mom has taken them so many places and they have such great experiences with her. She has so much patience and I do admire that. We enjoyed them so much when they were here for our Anderson reunion.

This just has to be pretty boring for all of you. I just really did want to write something though. I haven't done a thing all week, so haven't read any other blogs either. I tried to read a few today, but just got too tired, so I'm back to my favorite chair now.