Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Back

Yes, for what it is worth I am back. It hasn't been quite a month since my last post and I would like to tell you that indeed I am well rested. Sorry, I have been so very busy, especially the last week and a half. I wouldn't have had it otherwise though because I have been baking up a storm and have had wonderful company. Well let me see now:

It all started last Friday. Dick and I had planned to go Visiting and Home Teaching Saturday. In fact I had made all our appointments. We visit four lovely ladies and when we go, I always bake or make a special treat for them. It is fun for me and I can assure you, everyone loves to get their "treat". I started my baking in the afternoon and Dick was happy to help me. Good thing because the day before I fell in the bathroom and hit my left hip a good one on our tile floor. Needless to say, I was pretty sore, but thank heavens, no broken bones. Just one good sore one. I couldn't stand very long so I was happy to have Dick's help. He is very good in the kitchen. I had found a recipe that I thought might be different and every once in a while I like to take something different. I found this recipe in our newspaper on Wednesday when they do a special Food Section. It was for butterscotch brownies and it said they were salty and sweet. Dick did the liquids and I did the solids, so even though we doubled the recipe we were able to get it in the oven pretty quickly. Good think too, because he had to go to a meeting. When it cooled I took a little taste and was so upset. It was so salty that I couldn't believe they had even put it in our paper. I only put about half of the salt it called for and I simply can't imagine what it would have tasted like had I put the whole two spoons in for only l l/2 cups of flour. Ugh.....I fretted about it for a couple of hours and at 7:00 in the evening I just knew I had to bake something else. I had just started my absolutely delicious, never fail frosted brownies when Dick came home. He helped me with this double batch too, and we got it into the oven in record time. By the time I made the icing and iced the brownies, I was one tired cookie. The next morning though, we were up and ready to go for our first appointment at 10:00a.m. We had a wonderful morning visiting and teaching and got home early afternoon.

I hadn't been home for long before I got a call from my grandson Tyler. I had sorta been expecting him to call because he usually has gigs in Palm Springs during our Coachella Valley Music Festival. It is held at the Polo Grounds and over the three days, there are just under 100,000 attendees. The tickets had been sold out in just days. He asked me if he and a couple of friends could spend the night. I had been hoping he would be in town and was thrilled at the chance to see him as it had been some time since we had. He tours all over the world with his music group called Classixx. Anyway, I told him I would have three beds made up and we would probably go to bed before they arrived. Good thing we did because they didn't get here until 2.30a.m. I stayed home from church to make them Swedish Pancakes and Dick only went to Bishopric meeting and Sacrament because he wanted to help me with breakfast should I need it. When Dick came out to have breakfast and read the newspaper, he found somebody sleeping on the living room couch, so instead of fixing his breakfast, he went out. This was at 5:00 a.m. as their meetings start at 6:00a.m. (we are on that 9 to 12 schedule which I hate as I am not a morning person. It was after 11:00 when I had the one guy that WAS up wake up the rest of the gang, and they just kept coming. Instead of the three I expected, there were six of them. Good thing Dick was here because he fixed them a wonderful breakfast and they all had such a good time and were so appreciative. They left at 1:30 p.m. as they had a pool party they had to be to in Palm Springs. It was such fun to have them. We always enjoy having young people around us. We were a bit tired though.

I had every intention of starting this blog on Monday morning. I wanted to help Dick as much as I could with the laundry. (since we had them sleeping all over the house, there were a lot of sheets to do) and we had to be ready to go to an early dinner with some very good friends who were helping me to celebrate an early birthday dinner. Yesterday, I was too tired to do anything but prepare my talk for Easter Sunday. I am doing one of Sue's poems as part of my talk. It is the poem she wrote for her grandchildren, which I think she is going to share with all of you . It is a lovely poem, which all hers are, as you know. I just hope I can talk that early in the morning. My vocal chords are partially paralyzed and sometimes they don't work at all if it is too early. I just pray I can talk for ten minutes. I am the first speaker. Wish me luck.

This day has been a bit hectic too. We went to an early dinner and lecture on peripheral neuropathy, which I have, to see if we could learn anything new. I have it from rheumatoid arthritis, not diabetes. I do have a couple of new questions for my doctor, so I guess it was worth it.

I am almost afraid to go back and edit this. Maybe I just won't. It is so long, I know it, but then, I have never been known to do real short ones, or even medium length ones. Sorry............ Thanks all of you for being my blogging friends and for staying with me . I appreciate all of you.

Love love love from me


  1. It was so good to see you are back in the blogging world. I've missed you and hearing about your life.
    You are such a good sport to invite the 3 who turned into 6 guys!
    Good luck with your talk on Sunday. I wish I could hear it.

    Also that recipe from the paper that you made...I wonder if it was a misprint. Or maybe it wasn't a tried and true recipe. How disappointing.

  2. It is good to have you back! I am so sorry that you fell! And you really have been busy! Lots of visitors, talks, etc. But regardless, I am so happy to see you blogging again!

  3. Hurray! You're back!!

    I am so grateful that you didn't break a hip when you fell. We must have good bones in our family, because it is scary to think that you went down right on your hip. We were lucky.

    Glad you got to have Tyler and crew stay. I know he always enjoys being there with you.


  4. Oh, my! I am so sorry about the fall and your sore hip praying it heals and gets all better very soon. I am sure am glad you did not break any bones.

    You have certainly been busy. How blessed all who know you are you are just so sweet and thoughtful.

    Be safe while you are going and doing and be careful to take no more falls. Hugs

  5. So glad you are back, Darlene, and that you are broken bone-free!!
    Sounds like your day in the kitchen was like'll have to glance at my post today to commisserate! Ha!
    Your hubby sounds like a helpful gem!
    We have a dear friend who is and Ear-Nose-Throat specialist and he injects botox into vocal cords to help when they are may want to look into this.
    Happy Easter!!!

  6. Welcome back Darlene! You are one busy lady...and doing all your church callings too. Whew, makes me tired just to read this! I laughed about the new recipe...although it wasn't funny to you at the time, it just reminds me that there is nothing like the old "tried and true" is there?! Good luck with your talk..I'll think of you this Sunday during our Sacrament meeting (9am too!) and say a prayer that all goes well. My hubby always says that the women never have trouble filling a 10min. talk just takes them 20min. to do it!..he's so not funny...

  7. I'm glad you're back, Darlene! I'm sorry you fell, though. What a nice husband you have to help you with all of your baking! I hope you're feeling not so sore very soon, but I'm amazed at how you keep going despite everything. I have a question: what is peripheral neuropathy? I have rheumatoid arthritis too, so was just wondering if it's something I will "look forward to."
    I had a wonderful time with Sue - you knew I would! Happy Easter to you and your family, and I know you'll do great on your talk!

  8. H.A.P.P.Y. B'I'R'T'H'D'A'Y!!!!!!!!