Saturday, October 15, 2011


Here I am in Dallas and it has been pretty hectic every minute until now. I have a couple of hours before I have to start getting ready for the wedding. The rehearsal dinner was last night and it was really nice. The only thing is that I have been freezing ever since I got here. Actually the day and night temperatures were pretty close to what they are in Palm Desert so I thought I would have no problem and I took the kind of clothes I would wear at home. It isn't the outside temperature that is the problem, it is the air conditioning. People here have it freezing. They set their temperatures at 74 degrees, which to me is cold cold cold! In the desert most people have learned to set their temp. at 80 because it is so expensive and the summer season is very long. When the outside temp is 110 and you walk into a house set at 80, it feels really cool. At any rate, I only brought one sweater. Thank goodness it is my warmest one, but I end up having to wear it over everything. I know I will have to wear it at the wedding too. Oh well, enough complaining.

Dallas is a very interesting busy city. We have enjoyed riding around with my niece, Nancy, who has been a wonderful host, just having lost her husband a few weeks ago. She is still recovering from all the trauma with that. (getting her financial situation in place, having to deal almost daily with attorneys, insurance, probate judges etc.) Her husband was the senior partner in a very successful insurance business and the other two partners are having to buy her out. I do feel sorry for her and am amazed that she has managed so well all alone. She hates living alone in this big (almost 6,000 square feet mansion) and I don't blame her. It is a beautiful place, but just too large for one person.

We will be here for one more week, so I will likely be posting once more before we leave. I haven't been on Nancy's computer before. It is a Mac and so different than ours. I don't know how to navigate it at all so I am just not very comfortable using it, but we can't use our lap top because we don't have the pass word to her wifi.

This certainly isn't much of a post. It is more like a letter and I guess that is okay-----just a personal letter to my blogging friends.

Love to all


  1. Have fun at the wedding, Mom. Give everyone a hug for me!


  2. Interesting to hear your take on Dallas and the indoor temp. That is how I feel whenever I go to a Dr or dentist appt, eat in a restaurant, or go to a movie...I am COLD, so I wear long pants and at least one sweater. I can't imagine having a home so cold however.

    Nancy is probably really enjoying your company. I really feel for her losing her husband so recently. I remember the first 3 months after my husband died I was barely functional. Good you are with her.

  3. Sue said to give everyone a hug and I'm thinking that will be easy because you can keep warmer that way! Our outside temps have dropped into the 50's during the day and 40's and lower at night. You'd need more than a sweater here! I hope you have a good time this week and I'm sorry your niece has to go through such a difficult situation. It doesn't give her much time to find some comfort or peace while grieving...hope it all goes well for her. Also, I want you to know that I'm enjoying my books very much and the carmel corn is gone and we are smiling! Thanks again!

  4. I love hearing about what you are doing. I am sorry that you are feeling cold down there. I used to live in California so I do know about the difference in temperatures. I am going to look forward to your thoughts on the wedding. We have been to Dallas a couple of times and visited some of the sites. The temple is a wonderful place to see, also.
    Take good care of yourself and enjoy the moments!
    Hugs to you!

  5. Hello Darlene! Now look who's gadding about!
    That's so funny about the air conditioning. As you know we don't have air conditioning in Scotland, but I remember the chill of it in California and how it could be set too cold for comfort.
    Like you, I wouldn't know where to start with a Mac. They are the computer system at my children's school - all the classrooms have MacBooks, but they're so expensive that there's no way we were going to buy them the same for home use.

  6. I can't believe I missed this post! I've been just reading my blogs through the dashboard and I'm finding that I miss my favorite ones sometimes. I'm with you - I hate when rooms/buildings are overly A/C'd. It gives me a headache. I've never been to Texas at all, so I'll experience it vicariously through your blog. I have a Mac and just love mine. Once you get used to it, it's really so much simpler to operate. I was lucky - my husband is a Mac pro, so he was able to show me all the tips and tricks. Have a good time - looking forward to hearing about the wedding!