Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Granddaughter Karin

Time once again to write something wonderful about a grandchild. This month I have picked Sue's only daughter, Karin. But before I go into this post, I must pause for a minute and tell you what has happened to drive me almost crazy. I discovered that all of my comments have been going to everyone's spam box, so they are not appearing on the the posts. Fortunately they are going to email, so most everyone has been able to read them on gmail. Since I know absolutely nothing about a spam box, I learned how to get to mine from Sue. I do hope that all of you have been reading my comments on the email, but it would be so nice if you could just go to your spam box and put them back on the blog. I almost had a panic attack last night. Dick finally made me go to sleep, but I couldn't get to sleep until after 3:00a.m. Dick let me sleep in this morning until 10:00a.m. so I do feel much better but am hoping that somehow this will all go away.

Now on to the good part:

Karin is the most loving, sweet, caring person I have ever known. She is always cheerful and charming. It is such a pleasure to be around her. If you are ever in a bad mood, Karin is the one to be around as she can change that mood almost instantly.

In a way, it's a wonder that she has such a great personality. She could drive anyone nutty when she was growing up. When she was a small child, she was into everything and she would also eat anything, including all the things in the cupboards that tasted awful........cleaning supplies, etc. Anything that was liquid was in her seemingly scope of delightful drinks. Sue finally found a huge fence that was like an oversized play pen only it covered most of the living room floor. We could finally relax when she was in there and fortunately, she didn't seem to mind being there. One day Sue went into the kitchen and found her up on top of the refrigerator. I can hear Sue even now talking to her very soothingly as she slowly made her way to rescue her. You can be sure she grabbed her immediately. She was barely walking at that time, but she certainly was a great climber.

As she grew older, she actually wasn't that much of a problem, and her sweet personality really started to come out. This is one hard working girl, I can tell you. She has overcome so many problems in her life and and worked so hard to be the independant woman she has now become. Early on she started working with children, in pre schools, and later in child care centers. She has always loved children and especially babies. I am not quite sure what it is with Karin, but babies are never afraid of her. She can pick a strange little baby up who doesn't want to leave her mommy and can quiet that child so quickly. Children of all ages are drawn to her.

That is why it was so interesting that she changed her profession. It happened that one of Dave's very best friends needed a girl to assist in his office. Karin applied for the job and he hired her on the spot. She now works in his back office. He sold his business to a woman podiatrist and Karin is still working there. She absolutely loves her job and also cares very much for her new boss. They go exercising together every morning.

She also fell in love with a great guy that all the families loves. His name is Bob. They were married in the Oakland Temple and we were fortunate to be there for that great event.

I am so looking forward to seeing her again. They live fairly near Sue, so she is lucky because she gets to see her daughter quite frequently. Sometimes she and Bob are able to come here on Memorial Day for her families "golf week" It started out to be the whole week, then went to five days, and now it seems like it is just a long weekend. We really do love having them here and we also get to celebrate Sue's birthday at the same time. The guys have so much fun playing golf early every morning at a different course each day. I do hope Karin and Bob will be able to come this time, but if they can't we will see them in July at Sue's family reunion at Newport Beach. We do look forward to that time of the year so we can see them and often we get to see other members of my family. Sue's siblings all try to make an appearance so you know how I love that!!

Dick helped me transfer some picture's of her:

Karin and Bob at the Marina in Newport Beach. What a beautiful day for some walking about.

Karin with her siblings at Newport Beach, from left, Todd, Matt, Karin and Ryan smiling big.

One of my favorite pictures of Karin relaxing on the rocks at Newport Beach, on a warm day.

Karin seems to enjoy talking to someone special. I'm not quite sure where this was taken.

Karin and Bob on their wedding day taken on the ground of the beautiful Oakland Temple


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  2. It is always fun to read about your children and grandchildren. I loved her story. I have a daughter very much like her in many ways. She too is so good with babies and children.
    I feel sad about the comments going to spam. I am always getting into things on the computer that I don't understand. With me is is the trial and error procedure of learning about the computer. However, don't be upset. I love your posts and look forward to reading them each week. You are so fun and have such a sweet spirit. Hugs and love to you!

  3. This was a fun post! I've met Karin a time or two in Newport Beach. Sue's family is lovely - all of them so friendly and nice. I have a brother who is like Karin with babies, and animals too. They all just follow him around and/or sit at his feet. He has a very calming personality so maybe that's what it is.
    I've been getting your comments just fine on my blog - none have gone to spam.

  4. Actually, Mom, I just remembered that the time Karin climbed on the refrigerator she was only 10 months old, which means she was a crawler, not a walker at the time.

    Boy, did she ever keep me busy. I consider it a miracle (and a testament to my parenting) that she survived her baby and toddlerhood!

    She is a wonderful daughter, and I love her dearly. In all of her life, she has never been mean to me. Not once. Now THAT is crazy.


  5. You sure can't tell by how a person acts as a toddler how they will be as an adult. I just read Sue's comment above...10 months old and climbing on the fridge!!? Oh my!

    What a sweet wonderful girl to have as a granddaughter!

  6. What a wonderfully beautiful daughter ya have there sweetie. I truly enjoyed this fun post today sweeite!

    Have yourself an awesomely blessed weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  7. My Dear Darlene
    Your grand daughter Karin is just beautiful. She takes after her mom and grand mother for sure.
    She really was a handful if she crawled on top of the refrig before she was even walking. Sue and you were kept very busy with this young lady. lol
    These pic's that Dick helped you with are just lovely. I especially like the one of her and all her siblings and I can see why the one of her relaxing on the beach is your favorite.
    So sorry about your comment problem. I hated to read that it bothered you so much you could not sleep. I would fuss at you but I would be the same way. Since my son was diagnosed with his kidney disease I don't think I have had a full nights sleep. Not good for us is it.
    All of the prayers from my sweet friends out here in blog land have been such a blessing.
    I don't know if you know this or not but I so look forward to hearing from you on my site. Your comments always make me feel good.
    Your right I have had a lot of things that have happened to me in my life some of them I can't write about because of my children reading my site.
    Just know that your encouraging words always warm my heart.
    Love ya

  8. What a sweet girl! How lucky that Sue has such a great daughter and you have her as a wonderful Grandkiddo! It's nice that you spot members of your family on your blog. I bet it makes them feel special when they read it. She does sound like a handful when she was little but somehow it's nice that the ones that give us the most trouble when little, turn out to be the best when grown! I'm glad you got the computer trouble figured out. I'm such a computer idiot. I can blog but when things get more complicated I have to call the experts to help me out. Have a great weekend and I'll think of you when those lilacs finally bloom!

  9. Hi Darlene, how blessed you are to have such a lovely granddaughter. She is very pretty. I quite enjoyed reading about Karin. Oh my goodness. How did she ever made it to the top of the fridge. This must have been very scary for Sue. I'm glad that she calmly got her down safely.

    We've had summer like temperature all week but now the North wind is howling and the river level is getting high from all the snow melting so fast. There are some ice jams on a river not far from here and some place there are flooding. We are OK so far.

    Have a great weekend. Hugs. JB

    1. How frustrating about your comments. I've been getting them okay. Thanks for your lovely long email. I'm sorry I haven't had time to reply yet.
      Loved this post!