Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Bit of This and That

I have had a terrible time trying to get my pictures in the right place, so I'll tell you right off that my pictures of the great grandchildren got posted before I even got them labeled or before I even wrote my blog, so you will just have to look at the post before this one to see the pictures of the kids having fun in the pool last Saturday when Matt and the kids came over to pick the last of our tangerines to take home and sqeeze them for juice. He was able to take home four big bags, so their trip in that respect was very sucessful. The funny part is that between the time the pictures were accidentally posted and the time I started this, my actual blog, I got one comment. I wonder what Kathy thought when she saw only pictures for my blog this week. Needless to say, I am horrible upset because I want so much to learn how to post pictures successfully and I am afraid I won't be posting any more until Sue comes the last of May when her family all come for their golf adventure this year. Hopefully she can showt me what the heck I am doing wrong.

Our last week has been a very busy one and I must say a very successful one. Of course our Saturday was fun because of Matt and family coming. Heather had planned to come too and she had even re-scheduled a photo shoot so that she could come, but would you believe that before Saturday she had already booked another photo shoot and of course I was happy for her because she loves her work so much and doesn't want to turn down good photo shoots. I don't really blame her. We fixed a huge 7 1/2 pound beef roast and I made creamy mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and Dick fixed sweet white corn. We decided to have a picnic outside and by the time Matt got three children's plates fixed, we adults discovered our meal had really cooled off. I tried to get the guys to put the dishes in the microwave to heat up a bit, but neither could be bothered, so we ate a pretty cold roast beef meal, but they neither one complained. I also made a cheesecake which everyone enjoyed. Matt said they needed to leave at 6:00 p.m. and they actually headed out the door right on time. As usual, I hated to see them go and had to have a little cry, but they will also come back for a good part of the golf experience so will at least get to see them next month.

We did enjoy watching conference Sunday (both sesssions) but we have Saturday's taped to watch tomorrow. We just haven't had time yesterday or today. I forgot to mention why we were so busy last week. Before Matt came, we did spring housecleaning. Dick and I were both pretty exhaused Friday because we had to do a lot of it ourselves. I hired a woman to come every month because it is getting harder for the two of us to deep clean, especially the floors and mirrors. I have been trying to find someone for months. This woman is a very hard worker, but quite slow. I had hoped she would be able to do the whole house in six hours, but because she was so particular and fussy, she hadn't even had time to touch the kitchen or the living/dining room. She offered to come the next morning and finish. She said she wouldn't charge us anything, but we didn't feel quite right about that so we told her we could afford two more hours and then we decided to help her. It's a good thing we did, because after working two hours, and stopping for lunch, we still weren't done and after lunch she insisted on working on her own time for an extra hour, along with us, until we got it all done. It is REALLY clean now and I am grateful for that. She is pretty sure it won't take nearly as long to do it next month, and I think she is right. I met her at our R.S. birthday dinner. She is an investigator and has been coming to all of our meetings for about a month. Her brother is a Mormon of four years and he and his wife were married in the Temple. Robyn (my new friends name) is learning disabled and her brother and his wife pretty much take care of her. She doesn't really need to earn the money, but they felt that she should be kept busy as she is also a recovering alchoholic. I think that she is going to work out just fine.

I just had to mention before I close that I have been exercising on a regular basis now. This morning I walked ten minutes on my treadmill, rode my stationary bike for fifteen minutes and did pool aerobics for 30 minutes. That is a total of fifty five minutes today!! I am planning to do this five days a week, and we will be adding to our pool exercises a bit at a time. We just did 15 rotations of each exercise instead of 30, so we started out slowly. When we get to 30 rotations, it takes us about 40 minutes because by that time we are also able to do them more quickly. Summer is really so much better for me because of the exercise I am able to do. In winter, I can't do pool exercises as it is just too cold and I don't even like to be out in my special gym in the garage, but I do try to do those indoor ones anyway. If only my left shoulder and arm could get better, it would be so much easier for me. My appointment with my orthopedist is still two weeks away. All the Docs are so busy during the season because a lot of people wait until they come here for the season to do all their surgeries etc. We do have an excellent hospital and they have all the latest techniques and equipment. It is quite well known too, the Eisenhower Medical Center. I can get an appointment any time I want in the summer but unfortunately my shoulder won't wait. I think I have a rotor cuff problem. Will find out soon. I don't think I will even edit this, so excuse any spelling errors.


  1. Well, I enjoyed your pictures (and commented on them in the previous post) and now I'll congratulate you on your exercise program! Good for you - keep it up and you'll be stronger in no time! My husband hurt his rotator cuff several years ago during a serve in tennis. He said it was quite painful and he had to do a lot of physical therapy for it, so I can sympathize with how much it must hurt. It's hard to wait for the appointment when you're in pain. Keep up the exercise as much as you can though!
    So glad you had a good time with Matt and the kids. They sure are cute and it looks like they really enjoyed the swimming.

  2. Picnic in the garden, frolics in the pool - do I envy you? Guess ... :-)

    Good exercise, though. Ought to have done that myself. My usual way of exercising is "walking my camera" :-)

    PS Thank you for the nice comments! Your analysis of the store front was mostly spot on, but all you see in the windows now are reflections. The shop was closed down nearly twenty years ago. I don't know who owns the house, but it seems empty now. I may post more photos later. And I had to take 4 shots to get a car where I wanted it :-)

  3. Hope your new friend/cleaner works out great for you, Mom!

    And I am really impressed that you are exercising regularly. You are inspiring me...

    Love you.


    1. Good for you with an excercise programme, Darlene!
      Blog photos are the most frustrating thing, I agree.
      And how exotic to be squeezing tangerines for juice. They're too expensive here to think of doing that.

  4. I'm trying to exercise more too, Darlene. It's hard when you don't really feel up to it OR want to. I have to be like the little engine "I think I can, I think I can..." I'll use you as my inspiration!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter with family. Thank you for encouraging me with your kind comments!!!

  5. Hi Darlene, sorry that I didn't get to your post before today. I've been rather on the busy side this week and never seem to get to all my follower's blogs as quickly as I want, but I hope that you had a wonderful Easter spent in gratefulness for the gift of Jesus' Resurrection, the gift of Eternal LIfe.

    You are so commendable for doing your exercises and congratulations on increasing your tolerance. It may take a little while to notice an improvement in how you feel but keep at it. You are an inspiration to us all.

    I hope that you will continue posting even though you don't post pictures because I love reading about your life journey.

    Hugs, JB

  6. I went for a run yesterday and it hurt. So this morning I've gotten up and am trying hard to find an excuse not to go running again today. Then I see your exercise program, and am inspired to head out on.

    I love how you feel you have a lot to learn with posting pictures on your blog. I really like your blog design and wish I knew how to make one.

  7. I've been wondering Darlene, why you did post last Tues....I hope you are okay? I also thought I commented here but just now realized I didn't! Well I read it and just commented in my mind I guess.

    That's too bad Heather couldn't make it. You sure all had a GREAT sounding meal together!

    So any news on your shoulder? Are you in constant pain or just when you try to raise your arm? I hope it's better by now.

  8. Hi Darlene, I like it so much when you come to visit my blog and you always leave the warmest comments. Thanks. My back is already feeling a bit better. I've got arthritis too in my lower back and sometimes if I do too much, I pay for it and usually the pain comes and goes. I live with it but like you say, it's not fun getting old.

    I hope that you are still exercising and are feeling better and that the weather is nice where you are.
    It's hot here today , just like summer and can only accomplish half of what I intend to do outdoor.

    Hugs. JB