Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well, here I am home again after spending only two days with the family at Sue's beach house! I had planned to stay two more days but I got a bladder infection in the middle of the very first night we were there. Fortunately, I had some cypro with me for emergency and took it right away, but even though the initial pain is pretty much gone, I just felt too miserable so we decided we were much better off at home. Plus, I was so darned cold. The sun didn't burn off the clouds until almost mid afternoon and by that time I was so cold that I just couldn't get warm so spent all my time in a chair that we brought from home with blankets all over me. It's really not much fun to spend many days like that. The closer we got to home, the better I felt, so it was a good thing we came home.

I did enjoy seeing ALL of Sue's family in one place again, and also Jayne, who came for a week from Salt Lake. At least we got to see them all for two whole days.

I think I have told you about our tradition whenever we are with Sue's family. We have what Sue named "circle time". Sue writes a story and
then poses a question that we all have to answer one at a time as we go around our rather large circle. It is always wonderful because we get a chance to feel so close to family members as they sometimes relate personal stories, or try to express personal feelings regarding the subject of the question. Lots of times tears are shed, but they are good tears indeed. Last night instead of the story and question, the circle time was all about our 4oth wedding anniversary which is coming up August 12. Sue had everyone in the circle describe how Dick and I affected their lives for good and let me tell you, I was pretty much in tears the whole time. Even Dick teared up a bit. It was so touching. To tell the truth, I had been so depressed that we would very likely be spending our anniversary alone, instead of having the wonderful celebration I had envisioned of being surrounded by all of our children to help us celebrate this very special time in our lives. We will probably not be spending another significant anniversary as I'm not at all sure I will make it to our 45th one, and if I do, I could very well be senile! I knew none of my family would be able to come. Sue must have picked up on those vibes because she orchestrated the whole evening and Heather, our pro photographer, contacted all the family on the sly and got pictures of the two of us from way back when, a lot of which neither of us had ever seen. She made a wonderful slide show depicting a collage of pictures featuring the two of us. Some of them had other family members with us. This was all set to music, and I am thrilled that she is going to send us a copy of our own! All in all, it was a sweet night indeed and one neither of us will EVER FORGET!!! Can you think of a better way to have an anniversary celebrated? The only thing that would have made it better would have been for all the rest of my family to have been present, but two of my kids and their families just couldn't make it.

Right now, I am pretty tired, but wanted to get this posted while it was all so fresh on my mind. It's hard to believe that a whole week has gone by. Time just flies for me these days. 'Til next Tuesday then................


  1. Such a beautifully touching post Darlene. I am sorry you have not been feeling well and hope you feel better now. How exciting that you and Dick will celebrate 40 years together next month - a rehearsal for you 45th for sure!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now - it's amazing how being in our own home can have that effect! 40 years is so wonderful - since LaMar and I got a late start I don't know whether we'll make that milestone or not. I'll give it a good shot though! I was trying so hard to make it down to the beach today just so I could see you - but you wouldn't have been there! I was helping my son and his wife pack up their things (and Scott's dad came too) and right now they're on their way to Texas. It's been a sad day for me, and then I also had to come back, meet a garage door repairman and get my work done as well! So I'm bushed and just told Sue I won't make it today. I'm disappointed I missed you, but it's been one of the craziest weeks I've ever had.
    Please take care and feel better. We need to have you in good health and glowing for your anniversary!

  3. All that, and I didn't even comment on your lovely celebration with your family! (I'm losing it.) It sounds perfect, and you must really love all of them for their wonderful tribute to you and Dick. Again - congratulations for many wonderful years together.

  4. Glad you guys liked the circletime, Mom. We love you both.


  5. What a wonderful family gathering! How sweet that they gathered all the pics of you two and put it to music. Congrats on 40yrs of marriage! Dick seems like such a great guy and I think you two look so cute together. I hope you continue to feel better. Your family is so lucky to have you with them and I think you will make that 45yr. anniversary!

  6. So is the slide show on video? If so, could someone Youtube it, so you could show it on here? I would so LOVE to see it!

    Great family idea of circle time. I especially like the way you did it about your husband. I want to try that with my family!

    I'm sorry about your bladder infection. DARN! But good you got to be there for those 2 days anyway.

    I always read your Tuesday post on Tuesday night, or at least by Wed but with my Dad in the hospital I just now got to read it. What a treasure. Please keep writing!

  7. You seem to have had a pre-celebration of the kind we all hope for. That must have been a great compensation both for a spell of illness and bed weather. Take care of yourself!

    PS Thank you for the nice comment! The cobbled street looks a bit unusual due to a combination of the perspective (the camera is almost at the level of the stones) and the steepness of the street. Here the stones in the middle of the street were larger and turned the other way to prevent horses (and humans too) from slipping in slippery weather on the the way up. It was not necessary on level streets. And it is of course a municipal street.

  8. That was such a sweet post; and I think it is awesome what Sue did for you. What a really lovely tribute to you and your hubby.
    I feel sad that you became ill and oculdn't stay longer; but I am happy you are back home and feeling better.
    I always love reading your posts and I look forward to them each week. You have a wonderful family that you love dearly and they love you so much too. It's so wonderful to have families and moment to enjoy with them.
    Blessings and hugs to you!