Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Here we are at the beautiful shower for us hosted by our Stake Patriarch in Chatsworth, CA.

And here we are in the Relief Society Room right after we were married by my Bishop.

Where did I get all that hair? It looks so dark too; I never had dark hair. My daughter Nancy and her husband Charles were to give us wedding pictures for our present. Charles owns expensive cameras and was going to really make a lot of pics for us. When he went to develop them, he found they were all ruined. Light somehow got into the camera and none of them were any good. I was absolutely sick because we had wanted to hire a professional photographer, but he talked us into letting him do it. It was a very small wedding, only family and a few good friends. I had to ask those that were there for copies of any snapshots they had taken, and I did receive a few, but none of them were very good, I'm sad to say. No formal shots at all. I cried a few bitter tears over the situation, but have tried to get over it. I wonder if I ever will.

It seems like our weekends are full with interesting events lately. This last weekend was no exception. Last Saturday we celebrated our 40th anniversary by going out to dinner with our long time friends, Dick and Lee Child. Dick Child was our Bishop when Dick finally decided to join our church and the two of them were our close friends even before Dick joined the church. We went to the Red Lobster. Our whole town has been waiting for quite a few weeks for the franchise to come to Palm Desert, and finally it opened a few weeks ago. For a long time there were lines outside waiting to get in. We still had to wait quite a while even now, though we went early. We had a very nice dinner, and it was a four-course meal which included dessert. We all ordered key lime pie, except for Dick C. All he ever wants for dessert is something chocolate, so he ordered a brownie with ice cream. I had baked a cake earlier that day so that we could stop at home and have dessert after dinner. We usually do that when we go out. I love to bake so it usually worked out that way. We did have a whole cake left over, but I had plans for it.

The next day was our anniversary, August 12. Dick did his usual church thing, leaving the house at 8:00 a.m. It was my Sunday to go to R.S. as I like to go at least once a month. I just can't sit through the whole three hours. Dick came home after Sacrament meeting and picked me up for R. S., and after that was over I had an appointment with the Bishop to get my Temple Recommend renewed. After that we came home, cut the cake in half, and took it with us to visit Irene in her assisted living place. Irene Stewart is a lovely woman who played the organ in church for us for many years. She is also one of the people Dick and I visit and home teach each month. She has been quite ill and had to stop living in her home as her daughter, who lived with her, got married and she couldn't live alone. She has had a heck of a time going to the hospital for a couple of lengthy stays and also a couple of rehab places before finally getting released to live in this lovely home with four other ladies and three very lovely caretakers. She really loves it there. It will be her 88th birthday on Thursday, so we took the cake so that everyone there could have it for dinner and an early birthday celebration. We didn't stay too long, but went home to call all of our children and most of our grandchildren to thank them for a wonderful video they had made for us for our anniversary. They all made special videos, some of them sang songs, one wrote us a lovely poem which she recited, and many just expressed their love for us in touching ways. I must admit that I cried through the whole thing, but I did have a couple of laughs too. All in all, it was just a wonderful tribute. They had all sent their videos to our grandson, Jordan, who just graduated this year from NYU and who still lives in New York. He majored in film and I must say, he did a great job putting all the little videos into one large one. What a great time we had watching and listening to that precious video. Even the great grandchildren were a part of it.

Yesterday we went shopping. There were a few things I wanted to get at Walmart and poor Dick had to walk, while I got to ride in one of their electric carts. I felt so sorry for him because we had a heck of a time trying to find practically everything we finally did buy. He never did find the right size battery for our flashlight. It is one of those really big ones, and I thought Walmart had just about anything a person would want. He walked all over that huge store. We were there for two hours and only bought about five things. He was one tired guy, and we still had one stop to make at Costco. I wanted to get a couple of their big Danish pastries. They are almost as good as Dick's, and I love to have a half one for breakfast every day, (one of my bad habits). It seemed so strange to just buy that one thing because practically every time we go shopping there, we come home with a huge cart full of stuff. We are trying not to buy anthing we can't actually eat before we leave. Can you imagine? We are leaving on our six weeks trip in just two weeks from today. We will be leaving early Tuesday morning and I doubt that you will see a post from me that night. I'm sure we will be pretty tired as we are driving straight through to Salt Lake, although we will stop in Saratoga Springs to stay with our 98 year old friend, Connie Server, for a couple of nights. That is just about an hour on this side of Salt Lake, but we have so many friends that live in that area that we want to see. I am going to have to make a list of everyone we want to see in the Salt Lake area or I'm afraid I will forget someone. My memory is getting worse every day, I'm afraid.

It's not quite 9:30 p.m., and I am getting sleepy. I never go to bed before midnight but for some reason I am really tired tonight. I certainly haven't done much today. It was truly a rest day for me but Dick did laundry all morning it seems. I am so fortunate that he does that for me. He has done it for years, even when I was feeling fit as a fiddle!! I can't even remember when he took over that job but all I can say is that I am really grateful as I hate it!

So, I'm off to my chair for a little bit of R&R. Dick is home watching television. How fun for me!
'Til next time.....................love to all.....................


  1. What fun photos of you two! Happy Anniversary! I love the hair..my Mom had a similar style back then..and her hair was black. How nice that your family did a video. That's something you can sit and look at over and over and enjoy. Time does have a way of passing quickly! Enjoy your danish (I'll have to remember that when you come to visit..although we don't have a Costco)and I'm glad Jack isn't the only hubby to do laundry! He's done it all of our marriage..which will be 38yrs on Aug.31st. Have a great week and take care!

  2. You are going to be gone for 6 weeks?! wow. I've never been gone that long anytime, anywhere. Sounds like it will be quite the adventure.

    I wish you could somehow show that video your blog that Jordan complied.

    Love this newsy post.

  3. Have a wonderful time on your long long vacation! What fun to visit so many friends and family. Well, Dick does your laundry, but LaMar has always cleaned the house for me (I'd a hundred times rather do the laundry!) Isn't it nice to have men who will do the things that we despise doing? Happy Anniversary to you and Dick - it was fun to see the pictures, although I couldn't help feeling a little sorry for the unlucky photographer you've never quite forgiven... Poor Charles! Again, have lots of fun Darlene - I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.
    PS - I love those big Danish too!

  4. I don't enjoy cooking much, but my husband loves it, and he hates doing laundry and gardening, which I really enjoy, so I guess we're a good match.
    We had a friend who was an award winning photographer.When we asked to see the photos of his own wedding (thinking he must have been ultra-fussy and they would be spectacular), he and his wife looked a little down-hearted and explained that his wife was really ill on the day,ie. barely able to stand, and only just managed to get through the day, requesting only a few photos taken.
    Also, our memory card in the camera ceased to function on a precious trip away recently and we lost half our never-to-be repeated photos. Not as bad as your lost wedding photos though. I enjoyed the one you've shown.
    Happy Anniversary to you and Dick, and many more!

  5. I guess I can count myself lucky that the photos of my wedding (taken by Charles) turned out as well as they did. I've always wished I had more, but I do have the basics.

    And I'm a little more grateful after reading this account!


  6. What a very fun post. I liked the pictures you posted. We had a similar thing happen to us when we got married. My husband did took pictures for the church so we thought he could do the wedding photos. When we got them back they were all in Black and White. He told us color would just fade in time; which they do. However, the best picture of all was with Roger and I coming down some stairs; on this one he cut part of Roger's head off. About 15 years ago I took it to a place that could do restoration and he put the part right back together; so we at least have one nice wedding photo. Recently, at our family reunion our son took a lot of separate family pictures. The neighbor came over to take a big family picture with all 48 of us and apparently the pictures didn't take. I have been very upset about that.
    It looks like you had a great anniversary celebration. I loved the story of your visit to your 88 year old friend. Isn't the hometeaching and visit teaching program so awesome when we do it.
    I will look forward to meeting you soon.
    Love and hugs!

  7. Congratulations with the 40 years! Almost a record these days :-)
    Pity about the photos, though. But you still have the same husband and share the memories with him and that must be the most important thing. Good luck with the next 40!