Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Been a Long Time

Yes, it has been twelve days since I last posted!  I just didn't have anything very interesting to post......still don't, really.  It's no fun to post about negative things, which I seem to be doing more and more lately, but darn it, bad things just keep happening to me. 

We did go to Nancy's in Huntington Beach for Thanksgiving and there begins the sad tale.  We always park in the alley behind their house, because they are only three blocks from the ocean and from downtown Huntington Beach, so street parking is NEVER available unless you get there very early or very late in the day.  They always save a place for us back there so of course that's where we parked.  We had two huge pumpkin pies and a big cassarole of candied yams to bring in, so Dick asked me if I would be okay on my own so that he could bring some of it in.  I, of course, said sure, I can make it on my own.  After he let me in the back gate, I was greeted by Jazzy (short for Jasmine), their beautiful golden retriever, whom I just love.  Jazz has been recovering from a very serious operation on one of her back legs.  I can never remember what it was she tore.  I think it's the ACL. Anyway, she  hasn't been able to get any exercise so was really fat since the last time I had seen her.  On the way up to the stairs that go into their back door I was scolding her for being so fat, "You are going to have to go on a diet" I kept telling her.  When we got to the stairs, she went ahead of me and climbed up on a very narrow ledge of bricks on the side of their house so that I could give her a big hug, which I have always done.  It's her special way of greeting me.  After I gave her a hug, she jumped down and went into me and knocked me down the stairs..........Yes, I landed, half of me on the bottom step and the other half on the cement walk.  As I was going down, onto my left side, I thought to myelf "this is the way I'm going to die".  I honestly thought I would land on my hip and break it.  I have never known anyone my age who has broken a hip to really recover.  It is a slow painful death.  I actually landed mostly on my left thigh and had a huge hematoma a bit bigger than the flat of my hand.  It is still very swollen and black and blue as many other parts of my body are.  I fell with my right arm and shoulder into the dog house, which Jazz never uses as she is an indoor dog.  Oh well, all I can say is that I am ever so grateful  that I didn't break anything.  I do have prettty strong bones, thank heaven. 

Needless to say, I haven't done anything or gone anywhere since it happened.  I do try to walk around the house as much as I can.  At least my legs work.  Both of my hands are in bad shape which makes it hard to type as a couple of days before Thanksgiving I smashed the top of my right hand between my first and second knucle on the top.  I also hurt my left hand when I fell, so for a few days, I could hardly use either hand.  I do feel that I am improving a bit every day though.  It could have been SO MUCH worse.  But enough about all of that.

I do hope that all of you who do celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful day.  I qualified that  because I have four blogging friends, out of my even dozen bloggers, who live in different countries, Linda in Scotland, Pam in Australia, Tima, who formerly lived in Canada, but is now living in Lusaka, somewhere in Southern Africa, and my photographer friend, Rune, who lives in Norway.  They have reminded me that they don't really celebrate our holiday.

  We certainly did have a big feast and it was truly enjoyable.  We had planned to stay all night, but  we went home at 7:00 because all I could think of was getting home and being able to sleep in my own bed.  We meant to take a little bit of turkey home with us so that we could have a big turkey sandwich the next day.  I actually eat only a couple of bites of turkey on Thanksgiving Day, but I do love my turkey sandwich on my homemade oatmeal bread the next day.  When I called my friend, Verna, to tell her that she needn't pick me up to go to church Sunday, I mentioned  that I had forgotten  to bring some turkey home with us.  She came by anyway with a nice big plate of turkey!!  So we did get to have our wonderful sandwiches for two days, and how we did enjoy them!!  I am so thankful for wonderful friends.  We do have so many of them. 

Speaking of wonderful friends, Sue and Jim Pike gave us a couple of really neat CD's today.  Dick went over there to pick up the latest CD of the Reunion, "It  Must Be Love", that we had ordered.  They also gave us a CD  of the oiginal Lettermen's Christmas album that they recorded for Capitol Records.  Then I'll be darned if they didn't give us a DVD of the Reunion that they often show before a concert, to acquaint the audience with the three members of the reunion, Jim Pike, Gary Pike and Ric deAzavido.  It gives a nice sketch of the history with clips from various shows that the Lettermen did in their hay days.  They were on so many different T.V. shows etc.  It is VERY interesting.  So now, of course, we are not only avid fans of The Four Freshmen, but also the original Lettermen, And the REUNION! !

I think I've run my limit, so will sign off...........maybe, just maybe I will post earlier next time......................my love to all,.......................Darlene


  1. Poor Darlene, this must have been a bit frightening for you.
    You have had some bad luck in a way and good luck in another. I'm sorry about your fall but glad that you didn't broke your hips and some bones or tore some ligaments or sprained your ankles. Your angel surely was looking after you to save you from harm.

    I hope that you will heal all those bruises and be as good as new in plenty of time for the Holidays.

    I love hot turkey sandwiches with gravy on top, fries and veggies. I don't know if they serve this where you live but here it's popular.

    You have friends from far and wide and I'm from New Brunswick, Canada.
    It's very cold and we had a very heavy frost this morning but the sun is shining brightly now and the sky is blue.

    Stay safe and heal fast.


  2. Darn it, Darlene - I can relate to your mishaps because I have them happen to me, too. When I buy Advil, I always get the HUGE "jar" of them. The other night I got up to take some, and in the dark dropped the whole bottle on my second toe, spilling the rest EVERYWHERE. So in addition to a swollen, bruised toe, I had to turn on the light and pick up a couple hundred pills. Sweet... I'm glad you didn't have a serious injury, however. So lucky! And tender mercies: a plate of turkey for your sandwiches! Aren't those just the best the day after Thanksgiving? I think that's what I missed the most about not cooking.
    Hope you're feeling better and better. You and I just need to slow down and watch what we're doing. I think we're in too big a hurry to have fun!

  3. My love to you Darlene. I feel so sad that you fell. It doesn't seem fair; you have had more than your share of pain this past year. You will be in my prayers. I do hope you heal quickly and are back up and around. I am very grateful you didn't break any bones; that's a miracle.
    I am happy your dear friend brought you some left over Turkey. Those next day turkey sandwiches are my favoriate part. We had a boat load of family here for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun. My daughter and her family were here for a few days so we had a good time. She has such a cute family. You take good care of yourself. Just sit back and enjoy a Christmas novel.
    Love you much!

  4. Oh my goodness Darlene....that is terrible!! You poor thing. So thankful you are going to be okay. I think you can now be rest assured that you do indeed have great bones....you passed the test for sure.

    And how lucky you are to get to watch that DVD! Do they sell that anywhere, do you know? Or is that something special that they just show before concert and no where else?

  5. Holy Toledo! I'm so glad you are OK...except for those nasty bruises. Working in surgery I see so many bad falls that result in broken bones. Today we did a poor lady who fell and broke her nose, shoulder, pelvis, and her hip! My Mom did that very same thing except her hip was OK. You are right about many of them not healing. Please be very careful and I hope you feel really good for Christmas. How nice to have a sweet neighbor to bring you those goodies! Nothing beats a yummy turkey sandwich! Our dear Donna had surgery today to remove her right breast. Keep her in your prayers..she's doing good so far and hopes to go home tomorrow. Whew, this is a long reply! Have a good weekend!

  6. I think we need to buy a big bubble to keep you in. These falls are scaring me!

    No more walking up stairs unless you are holding someone's arm, okay?


  7. So sorry to hear about your fall Darlene, and hope for a speedy recovery, although the resulting bruising can look alarming. So glad it is not a broken hip - so many live in fear of that happening.Good that you have strong bones. I was diagnosed with an alarmning bone densisty reading in my mid-fifties, and am on medication for osteoporosis, so I dread anything like that happening.
    I'm glad that you and Dick enjoyed those turkey sandwiches. Take care - sending warm thoughts your way.

  8. Darn Darlene I was shaking my head the minute I read that you were walking in the house alone. I could read between the lines and sure hated to read them too.
    Pets sure have a way of giving us so much love but can easily cause us to fall too.
    Praise God you did not break your hip. It's a Blessing.
    I hope you recover soon and feel like writing.
    As you know I have boring post and nothing to write about either but I try to write when I can.
    We have another thing in common. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving left overs is a nice Turkey sandwich the next several days but I too left without bringing Turkey home.
    I am going to try and show pictures tonight on my post of my old living room suit that has been stored at my brothers for the last few years and I finally was able to have it brought out here. I love relaxing on it and have really missed it. lol
    See I have nothing to post either.

  9. I'm glad that you had a nice celebration of the Holiday, despite your fall. As you say yourself - those things can be dangerous! I'm a potential victim myself due to the medicines I take, so I have a feeling I know hoe you felt.

    Now you must take life easy for a little while in your mild climate, and don't worry about us with down to -10 Degrees C and a bit of snow :-)

  10. Oh my! That's scary about your fall. I hope you're feeling much better now and managed to have a good Thanksgiving. We're heading home in less than two weeks for Christmas. We weren't home last year, so we're really looking forward to it. It's great to see the family again.

  11. My goodness Darlene, you are determined to live an adventurous life! I'm so glad to hear that you didn't break anything. I hope that you're on the mend now.

    You're right, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK. Well, American expats do, but it's not on the radar for the rest of us. Having said that, my daughter's university hall of residence in St Andrews had a joint Christmas/Thanksgiving meal last week because there are a lot of American students at her university. The term is winding down now - exams next week - so they got the celebration out of the way before the students got too busy revising and then heading home for the Christmas holidays.

    I share your liking for turkey sandwiches! How nice of your friend to bring some by for you.