Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Short one, I promise.

I know it has been a few days since my last post but I have been busy trying to get lots of cooking and baking done for my family that are coming this weekend. Actually, Sue is already here. She and Dave came last night. They had planned to stay at Matt and Heather's last night but their littlest one, Bryce, is still sick and they didn't feel it wise to stay overnight. They did have a little visit with them though and had dinner with them last night. Dave had to go back home this morning. I was so sorry about that because I really do love my son in law. Sue isn't sure when she will go back to Matt and Heather's. She may just stay here until they arrive on Saturday, unless we can figure out how to get her back there. If she really wants to go, we might just try to get Heather to meet us half way so that we can sort help with the transportation without taking too many hours out of a day. We have a plan, and I have even made time in the plan to rest, thank goodness. It's amazing how much I can get done in a day if I just listen to my body and sit down to relax for fifteen minutes or so until I can get up and get going again. Anyway, it is fun to have her here early so that we can have her all to ourselves for a while. Right now she went with my husband, Dick, to Costco. He had to go for a few things and she wanted to see about getting some kind of new luggage that is supposed to be easier to wheel around. I hope she can find it.

Yes, you guys, I will post all of my bread recipe's when all have gone. I used to do all of my bread making by hand and have made eight loaves at one time. That has been a long time ago, but I made bread by hand up until I got my Kitchen Aid mixer with the dough hook. I hope those of you who try my recipe's have a dough hook because it is so much easier, but my recipe's can also be made the old fashioned way, by kneading the dough by hand.

Back to my work for the day. I made the most delicious Karmel Korn ever!! It is all dry now and I have to get it off my kitchen island table.

The weather is a perfect 68, which Sue loves and I don't mind it as long as the sun is shining, which it is!!


  1. Keep enjoying your visit with Sue. Good to hear you are taking those breaks between all that work. Sounds like everyone is going to have some most yummy food to eat. Wonderful weather you are having. Just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Hugs

  2. You're right, Mom. That is some good carmel corn!


  3. It all sounds so fun and very delicious! Carmel corn - YUM!

  4. My Mom makes yummy bread too and she uses her bread maker to do the kneading, then takes the dough out and finishes it like regular hand made bread. Love that stuff fresh and warm out of the oven! Have a great visit with Sue and enjoy the carmel corn..it's one of my fav things to make at Christmas time!

  5. I have a Kitchen-aid with a dough hook. I need to use it so I would love your recipe.
    The carmel corn sounds delicious!
    I think your Sue is very spoiled (wink!) :-D

  6. I knew you had been getting ready for family to come, and I knew Sue was off to visit family, but I didn't put the 2 and 2 together until I read this post!

    I have had a Vita Mix for about 7 years now and I still use it daily, but I have never used the dough hook. I just never knew what to do with it. But I still have it so hopefully after you post your recipes I can give it a try! :)

  7. Sue is fun to have around, isn't she? :) I am so glad that you have some time with your daughter one on one. And I can't wait until you post those bread recipes. I don't have a kitchen aid, but we sure love homemade bread! Who doesn't?

  8. I can imagine that Sue is really fun to have around. Have an awesome visit with all of your family. I have a daughter and her family coming for a short visit next week. She lives further a way than any of my other children
    Blessings to you! LeAnn