Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I don't know what the heck happened, but I tried to post and it showed up four times with nothing there. At least I hadn't written anything, but everything just went away and when I brought the blog up that is what I saw. I'll try again and hope that it all works out this time.

I have been feeling a little better every day. I even have times during the day when I'm not dizzy. I will be glad when that goes away completely.

Anyway, this post is not going to be about my health. Hopefully it will be a little brighter. As most of you know we are planning to go to Sue's family reunion on the 21st. It will be so neat to see all of her family again. I'm also looking forward to seeing Todd's new apartment, so I'm hoping someone will leave Newport Beach with us long enough to take us over there. I'm still so stoked that he will be starting medical school in such a short time. Our daughter Jayne hadn't planned on coming this year as she felt she couldn't go to the beach and to her brother's wedding in Lake Tahoe next month. She called us a few days ago and said she had accepted a new job. She gave her two weeks notice thinking she would be working a couple of weeks more this month and starting her new job on the 1st of August. She will be back in her element, having worked most of her years in retail. She was an assistand manager waiting to be promoted to manage a store of her own. Unfortunately, people in manager jobs in the Salt Lake area never leave those jobs. She could have gone to Colorado or Arizona, but she couldn't leave Salt Lake because of her 20 year old daughter who is autistic. She lives with her dad. But Jayne takes her a couple of days and nights during the week. She and her husband (yes, they are still married) but haven't lived together for over ten years. They each own their own home but are still very much connected when it comes to taking care of Kirstin. Jayne worked for Mervyn's for many many years, so when all the stores closed, she had to get a new job and ended up as an assistant manager waiting for a transfer as manager of her own Harbor Freight Tool store. It also seemed like she wouldn't go anywhere because managers in that area just don't quit. She got a call from Marshall's who are opening five stores in Utah. She will be an assistant manager and they are going to train her to open as manager of their second new store. I think she will enjoy getting back to her rat race that she was always so much a part of. She will also be getting a sizable raise, so she is happy about that. When she gave her two weeks notice, they wouldn't accept it, so she has all that extra time that she had planned to be working. She decided then to come to Newport Beach and I just found out that she is going to come and stay a few days with us before the reunion. We will be seeing her on Sunday. Talk about giving my spirits a lift!!

We will be adding to our tans by being outside quite a bit. She loves hanging out by and in the swimming pool. Fortunately for her, our weather is going to be much nicer for a few days next week. It will go back to the 90's and that is really nice weather for July here.

We are all trying to lose a few pounds before the wedding so I won't be doing any baking or anything. In fact, I think she was pretty happy about that because whenever they have come to visit us, I always bake up a storm and make all kinds of goodies to get fat on. This way she won't have to worry about will power.

Well, blgging buddies, at least you will know that I haven't forgotten you. One of these days, I will write about my other kids in a little more detail. You all know so much about Sue. I do have three other daughters and our only son, Rich. I love so hearing all about your children and grandchildren. Maybe you might be a bit interested in hearing a little more about ours.

Til then, thanks again for all your kind thoughts and wishes for my recovery. Please excuse mistakes, I just don't have the energy to try to edit this.

My best to all of you.



  1. Good evening sweet Darlene. I was very pleased to see that your post was here when I came back this time.

    It is good to know that you are at least feeling a little better. Praying you are feeling a whole lot better and real soon too.

    That is great that Jayne is getting to come visit with you and go to the reunion too. Wishing her all the best on her job.

    My children all live fairly near us and we see them quite often. Our oldest son only lives a couple of blocks from us. Our oldest daughter and two other sons live within 20 miles of us. Our youngest daughter lives about 40 miles from us. They all pop in to visit with us fairly often. I am very blessed to be able to see them anytime I want.

    Have fun at the reunion and enjoy every minute you get to spend with Jayne. Hugs

  2. Can't wait to see you all and am so glad that Jayne will be coming to the beach this year. It just wouldn't be the same without her!


  3. How wonderful that Jayne is coming soon, and what a bonus getting her a few days before the reunion. I enjoyed reading about her life, and especially a little about her autistic daughter. What a challenge.

    Good to know the dizziness isn't constant. Please don't ever feel like you have to hold back about your health concerns. I really mean it when I say I want to know how you are. Those of us who read your blog care about you or we wouldn't be here.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your family, too.

  4. I too love reading about your children and grandchildren. I am so happy that your daughter can come. I love the Newport beach area; so I sure you are going to have a blast with all the family. As for losing weight; I struggle with that one all the time. I finally decided that if I am always trying that I can at least stay close to the same. If I give up I will be a balloon. I am happy you are doing better.
    Enjoy those moments and blessings to you!

  5. Darlene your such a sweetheart. I love it when you do a post but I hate how hard it is on your back to do this.
    I really was happy tonight to find your comment on my site. It is always a job to hear from you.
    Glad your dizzy spells aare not as bad I too wish they would go away all together.
    Great news about your daughter and her new position. Sounds like she will be getting back into her element. It's great that she will be able to join you all for the reunion.
    Knowing you and Sue it is going to be a great fun time for all of you.
    I totally understand about troubles with blogger. It took me an hour just to get a post to publish tonight and everytime I write a comment I just keep my fingers crossed that it takes.
    To answer your question about do I get to visit all my followers No I don't visit near all of them I just don't have the time or energy. Even though I would truly love to be able to keep up with everyone it is just not possible.
    Everyone is just so sweet to me it is truly a blessing to have a blog.
    Well honey I need to see if I have a uniform washed for tomorrow. I would give anything to be retired but one of these days it will be.
    Just have to be patient...lol
    Darlene honey take care of yourself because I miss you when your not here.
    Love ya

  6. I'm glad your family will be more complete at your reunion - it just isn't the same when someone can't come, is it? I'm glad you're feeling better. You and I are both on the Diet Train. I hate it, but I do feel so much better when I stay away from carbs and sweets - my aches and pains subside a bit. Doesn't seem to affect my weight much but at least I feel better! Take care of yourself, and I hope to see you when you're at the beach. OH - I did get a job. See my post (I'll try to get it done today!)

  7. It's almost worth all the pains to have the family in one spot, even if for a short while, huh? There have been times that I have not felt tip-top either but never would say anything if we get a chance to do something. It's such a special time in life!!
    I DO hope you feel better...enjoy the beach, Darlene!!