Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Few Pictures

View of oue lake front

The front of the main house

Our little cabin

Dick, Stacy and me, in the blowing wind

Rich and Stacy, with our pier to the right


  1. Nice! It sure was fun, wasn't it? (Except for the altitude!)


  2. What a beautiful place for a wedding!

  3. It looks just amazingly beautiful...as do Stacy and Rich!! The sky is blue as the water and the cabin looks inviting. It all just looks peaceful and wonderful for a special family gathering. Hope it was as great as your pictures!!!
    I love the pic of you and Dick with Stacy...it's so very intimate. He dress is just a classic with her pearls...lovely!!

  4. I love the pics! What a beautiful place for a wedding. The previous post described all that wonderful food. Holy Cow! What a selection. No one should have gone home hungry, or disappointed in anything. I'm glad you and Dick had a good time and that your pain was gone while you were there. I'm sure you were really able to enjoy your stay. Those are the moments to always remember. Congrats to the beautiful bride and handsome groom!

  5. Beautiful! I clicked the last picture to make it bigger and it was stunning! And your little cabin...so pretty. Did you get any pictures of it inside? It was wonderful seeing you and Dick with the bride too! You all look so happy.

  6. Having now moved to a land-locked country these pics made me miss the ocean! Lovely pictures.

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous setting. I suppose good weather was more or less guaranteed? That is such a blessing for a wedding.

  8. Like everyone mentioned in their comments this was a gorgeous place to have a wedding.
    Love it when you show pictures of you and Dick. Your a beautiful lady and should show us pictures all the time.
    I left you a comment just now on your other post about being pain free while there. That is so strange but thank goodness you were able to enjoy your time with family without your miserable pain.
    I have been lucky this past week myself with less pain so I did a lot of research yesterday on a book I have in mind.
    Just pray sitting at a desk most of the day I am not bent over today.
    Darlene I hope you and Dick have a very special weekend and please take care
    Love ya

  9. PS
    I forgot to thank you about leaving such a sweet comment about Kaci's painting on my site.
    It was such a surprise to me to see how well she did on this painting. Since she is only 9 I was in awe of her. She is such a darling little girl and gives so much to others that I am so happy that she has been blessed with being able to do this.
    I myself always wanted to paint but never did. So this is a delight to me

  10. I loved your pictures and are so happy you had a good time. What a lovely place for a wedding. You and your sweet husband are so cute. I am so happy that you were able to enjoy time with your family.
    Blessings to you and keep on enjoying all of those precious moments.