Tuesday, September 27, 2011

At Home in Palm Desert

I've mentioned how interesting I thought it was when at the beginning of spring we could see the snow on the mountains in the background and the palm trees in the foreground. Now that I can finally move pictures to my blog, I wanted to show you this shot from the street in front of our house. Sorry our neighbors hadn't taken their garbage in, but it does give you an idea of our view. The mountains are very high and our temperatures down below are perfect. We have a tram that can take you up to the snow. I went on it shortly after it was built and I hated it, so haven't gone back since. And to tell you the truth, I have no plans to visit the snow up there because I hate being in snow. Lots of people like to go up there though, both in the summer and the winter.

This is where we spend about 45 minutes each afternoon, doing our aerobic exercises so that we can keep fit. This only shows part of the pool. I'm afraid our pictures are not easy to access because they are not filed properly. Since I don't know how to do that, it will be some time before I can show you a bigger picture of the back yard and the pool area. I plan to show you our home and yard when I can find the rest of the pictures. If I can't, I will just have to get Dick to take them again. We took a lot of pictures of every room in the house last year to have for insurance purposes so I know they are somewhere. I just didn't have time to look for them right now. I want to do this because I know how much I have enjoyed seeing pictures of so many of your homes and yards and have always wished I could do the same, so it shouldn't be too much longer.

This has been a very busy week for me. It seems like every day I have had something major scheduled. Today we did a huge grocery shopping at Winco, which is a large supermarket that we like to go to about once a month because for the most part, their prices are somewhat less than Von's, Ralph's, or Albertson's, which are our three major supermarkets. It is getting to be so depressing to go grocery shopping as every month we go, I notice how much the prices have gone up. Honestly, it is really sad for those of us who are on a small fixed income, such as we are. Oh well, I am definitely not going to blog about our terrible economy.

Just found another picture of the pool which gives a larger view. These are some of the grandkids playing in it. Now I am finished for tonight.


  1. I loved your pictures. It is so fun to see pictures of where you live. I love the snow capped mountains behind your area. I don't like snow either except for on Christmas. However, I can't run away from it because we live where we have snow.
    I loved the swimming pool pictures; we lived in Las Vegas for 7 years and had a swimming pool. It was so much fun to have one.
    I enjoyed your posts and adventures.
    Blessings to you and keep on enjoying your moments.

  2. Your pool is beyond pretty! It would be such a lift in spirits to be out there with those beautiful flowers everyday.
    Pretty neighborhood with the mountains in the background. For some reason I didn't expect mountains to be so close to you. I need to study geography better.

  3. You live in one of my favorite weekend spots. LaMar and I love to go there - such a great getaway that doesn't take that long to get to. I'm so glad you enjoy it. Pool aerobics sound great - wish we had it where I live!

  4. Good morning sweet friend
    I laughed through out this post because it as if I wrote it. I know exactly how you feel about not being able to find the pictures you want to display for your blog. I go through the same thing and no one around to help me. When Dick helps you send him to Texas.
    Love love where you spend time exercising. Girl I would be in heaven to have that pool to relax in. I am so happy that you live in such a beautiful place to enjoy.
    Your mountain picture is wonderful too.
    Don't even get me started on the prices of groceries and other things. I would ruin your day and take up your full page of comments. Sad what our country has gotten into and where will it end. Scary right
    Do some strokes for me because I can feel the weight coming on already and its not even winter time yet. We are still in the 100's here and I am so wishing for fall but we will go straight into winter.
    Love ya

  5. Your neighborhood is so pretty! Much different than mine...I'm always amazed at how beautiful our country is and how there is a place for everyone and a climate to match our preferences! What a blessing to have a warm place to live when snow isn't your thing...and visa versa...Love the pool and would love doing exercises in there with you guys! Thanks for sharing your photos and I'll look forward to seeing more. Have a fun weekend! Enjoy General Conference!

  6. Hi Darlene, thanks you so much for your warm comment. I'm tickled pink that Maggie invited me on her Blogazine, the sweet girl...
    You and hubby make a very nice couple by the way.

    I so wish that I had a pool but frankly it's just as well that I don't because I wouldn't be able to maintain it let alone have time to swim in it. Good for you exercising like that.

    Your pictures are really beautiful. What a lovely view you have. Frankly, I'm not too fond of winter either or the extreme heat either.

    I hope that you'll come by my blog for a visit and join my followers to bring my numbers up. It's like a badge of honor, ha ha. No strings attached though. Have a great weekend. JB

  7. Hello Darlene! How fascinating to see the view down your street to the mountains. And even the rubbish bins are interesting - they look exactly the same as ours. Just think, there is a global monopoly in rubbish bin design. We call them 'wheelie bins'.
    I have been up the Palm Springs ariel tramway with my Newport Beach cousin. For a birthday present for me she hired a car with a driver and we went all through the desert. The driver was a lovely man, but unused to his clients being as friendly and inclusive as my dear cousin. By the end of the day he was joining us for a meal at a roadside restaurant up in the mountains, remarking that clients had never included him at their table for a meal before. I remember that meal - they laughed at me because I was so surprised to see jelly on my plate with the main course. We don't have Jello in Scotland!

    Your pool looks absolutely blissful, and your grandchildren seem to be having so much fun.

  8. Much as I love you, I have somewhat of a distrust for anyone who keeps their house so neat. (Perhaps it isn't distrust, but envy.)