Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Family Time Coming Up

It won't be long now until I will get to see Sue. I know all of you are very much aware of the fact that she is my second daughter, ----you know, the one with the talent to write interesting books, stories and all those countless poems. I can just imagine how Sue feels reading this opening sentence. How she hates me to brag about her, but I ask you, how can I not brag about her extraordinary abilities? I'd better stop right now, or I know what I can expect when I see her, which will be either tomorrow or Thursday. I'll know before the night is over. It is especially exciting because I had no idea that I would be seeing her soon. She just decided at the last moment to come, and I am so glad she wasn't about to ignore a special invitation to come and stay with Heather while Matt is away on business. Lucky for us all that Heather thought it would be a good idea for her to come.

I had a very interesting day today. I went to the dental specialist and he gave me a brand new way of making a new bridge to go on the three implants I have left. He will put a titanium ring that will fit over the implants which will give them support and stability. Then he will make a new denture supported implant that will snap on to the ring and hopefully it will be a lot better than what I now have. I hate to spend the money because of my age, but I am going to take the chance anyway because I think it will be so much better. For one thing, the teeth will be porcelain instead of plastic, which is what these are, so the whole thing will be much slimmer. This thing I have now is so fat that it hides a lot of my taste buds and I don't get the full flavor of the food I eat. I hope I am making a good decision.

I am so darned mad at myself because I can't remember a darned thing about how to transfer pictures onto my blog from my online album. I seem to be so stupid. It was as if Dick didn't spend a lot of time trying to teach me either. I think I tried to write directions down but I can't find the directions. I am a hopeless case. I will try again, because I do think it makes posts a lot more interesting if you have pictures to show about what you are writing. Still, I'm not sure what kind of a picture I would have posted anyway with this particular blog, so I guess it is okay. I will be taking some pictures tomorrow, or Thursday, so maybe you will get to see some more pictures of the Matt Anderson family and me. (As if you haven't already seen countless pictures of my darling great grandchildren.)

Not very interesting tonight..........pretty uneventful week, actually. Sorry. I will try to do better next week. If anything of interest happens in the meantime, I might even blog before next Tuesday.


  1. I find your posts very interesting. I think you should have your teeth done so you enjoy eating more and tasting the food. Now is the time to really enjoy your moments with friends and family. I know Sue will love the moments with you. Also, in my opinion it is ok to always brag about your children; that is a joyous kind of bragging.
    I love reading your posts. Keep on enjoying those moments of joy!

  2. I love your posts - you are never ever boring! And don't be so hard on yourself for not remembering how to do something. You'd be amazed at my lack of memory. It's hard to remember how to do things on the computer that you don't do a lot.
    Have fun with Sue - isn't that fun that she came down all spur of the moment? Enjoy the time -
    ps - We went bike riding again tonight and I ran into some trash cans and wrecked my front brakes and scraped myself all up. So embarrassing. LaMar was a little mad but he tried not to be. So don't feel bad about not remember how to post pictures. At least you didn't end up sprawled across someone's trash cans!

  3. So good the dentist has a solution for the bridge! I'm happy to hear that and I'm glad you are going for it.

    I forget how to do things too on my computer. I keep a little binder and I write instructions each time I learn something so I can refer back to it. My husband will laugh at me because I am frantically writing as he is giving me details about something and he will say, "You'll remember, you don't need to write everything down." Oh yes I do! :)

    I hope you tell us about your visit with Sue. So nice that she's near by this week.

  4. Can't wait to see you today, Mom! And Todd is excited to have us meet him in Irvine, too.


  5. I posted a comment about something political on facebook a couple of days ago and couldn't remember the names of those I was commenting about. I apologized and told everyone that I remembered things on one day a week, and that didn't happen to be the day.

    I don't know what you use to write your posts, Blogger or Windows Write, or some non Windows thing that I know nothing about, but if you use Microsoft, get Windows Write. Dick will help you set it up and when you use it to post, just click on the little picture icon when you want to put in a picture. It is so easy even I can do it. I went to the local denits that specializes in implant fastened dentures. He took a picture of my upper jaw and told me to forget it, my upper jaw bone isn't thick enough to support implants. Sigh.

  6. NOTHING is self-evident about technology. You would think they could design things in a way normal people could understand, but no. I find Blogger particularly clunky, and am thinking of changing to Wordpress.
    Sounds like a good plan your dentist has. Hopefully it will be an improvement. What goes on in our mouth really impacts on our lives.

  7. Sweet dear Darlene yes you should get your teeth fixed the way you want. So glad you wrote this because I could not figure out since my bridge why I don't taste foods like I use to. Now I know. I would love to be able to do something different with mine.
    Glad Sue came for a visit. I love her writing too and yes you should brag of her and often. lol