Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learning Patience

This past week has been a pretty slow one, I'm afraid, and for a person like me, who seems to be busy and on the go, it has been one of practicing patience. I'm afraid I have never been one to be patient and I do so admire those who are. When the doctor told me I would be very sore for a few weeks, he wasn't just kidding and I am wondering just what he meant by a few weeks. It has just been seventeen days since my fall, and it feels like seventeen weeks.

Actually, I have been a few places, such as doctors offices, lab, and last night we went to some good friends of ours. They live in a gated community. We had dinner and enjoyed watching their video of their Alaskan cruise. How beautiful that scenery was. They had some great shots of the glaciers and the big chunks that fell into the ocean, complete with the sound. They really had such a good time and their son surprised them by hosting the other two children, their spouses and their grandchildren for this remarkable trip. This was such a great anniversary present to them. It was so fun to see the surprise on their faces when ALL of their family showed up, not just to see them off but to go with them. We also watched Dancing with the Stars so we didn't get home until after ten.

I had to take my big pillow with me, which I partially sit on and wrap the rest of it around my ribs. I don't know why the doctors don't wrap the ribs tightly anymore. They used to do that and I am sure it would make me more comfortable.

It was a good thing that we did go over there, otherwise Dick would have been going to the door for trick or treaters every few minutes. We only have a couple of kids in our neighborhood and where all these kids come from, I have no idea unless they bus them in. They come in great big groups, sometimes ten or so and it is constant for a couple of hours. We have well over 100 each year. It is fun to see the little ones in their costumes, but we have a lot of teenagers, who I think are a little old for that.

I have been doing a lot of reading. It's a good think I like to do that. The phone seems to ring off the hook too and it is hard for me to talk. It's bad enough to have my partially paralized vocal chords to deal with, but the sore ribs make it hard for me to breathe deaply and I have to do that in order to have enough force on those chords to get more than a whisper out. I always sound like I have laryngitis anyway, my voice is so raspy, but it is hard to talk loud enough sometimes for people to hear me over the phone.

Such a boring post this is, but I just needed everyone to know that I do think of you so often and love reading your posts. I don't have many blogging friends, but the ones I do have are so very special. I really wouldn't want any more. I couldn't possibly feel close to them all the way I do to you guys.

Hopefully next week I'll have more interesting things to post about, although at the moment I can't imagine what it will be. I also wanted to post some pictures, but guess what? I have forgotten how and Dick is at his church meeting. Can you believe that? Oh well.............


  1. Glad to hear from you sweet Darlene but sorry to hear that you are still sore from the fall. Your posts are never boring and it is always good to hear how you are doing. I sure hope that soreness gets on its way out and gone very soon now. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers still sweet lady. Hugs

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I didn't know they don't wrap ribs anymore. I wonder why? Pretty sure they still do on the soaps!

  3. You are so delightful and I love reading about your adventures. I do hope you get feeling better soon. Broken or bruised ribs are so painful. I wonder why they don't wrap them anymore? Do be careful and take it easy. I know how boring it is to just have to lay around. I am happy you were able to be with some friends. You will be in my prayers.
    Blessings and hugs to you!

  4. Darlene, you don't need any pics to make your blog better. You write from the heart and I really enjoy reading your posts. (Although I enjoy pics because it helps to visualize whose writing!) I wish you lived closer because my hubby would patch you up and have you feeling much better...well, I believe he would anyway! Maybe your Docs feel that taping your ribs would make it even harder for you to breathe and sometimes older folks (not you of course!) have tender skin and all that wrapping can cause pressure sores. What ever the reason, I hope you feel better real soon. Did you have a blessing? That might help too! Love ya!

  5. That's what I love about your Darlene, you just tell it like it is. I am so sorry that awful pain is not letting up. It's really too bad that don't wrap ribs any longer because it sure seems to help when they wrap other parts....like ankles and feet.

    I would love it if you could write about what you are reading. Take really good care.

  6. Hi Darlene, I haven't been around because I was locked out of my blog but I'm back. I couldn't leave comments on lots of blogs.

    I'm sorry that you are finding the time long because of your accident. I hope that you heal real fast. You are a classy lady and your blog is not boring in the least.

    It's always nice having news of how things are with blogger friends and somehow there's a special bond that forms and we seem to support each other in time of need.

    Not being to use your vocal cords like before is challenging and I can relate. I had a tumor removed from my thyroid and lost my singing voice for two years. I used to sing at weddings and funeral as well as in the church choir as a cantor. My singing voice returned but not to the same quality it was before. I sang the Ave Maria of Schubert last summer for my son in law's mother's funeral . It was the first time I sang solo since my operation and did very well. Take care. JB

  7. Darlene Honey we feel so very close to you too and I have been praying for you daily hoping that the pain would go away for you.
    Your such a great friend and to think of you hurting hurts me.
    I don't understand why they can't wrap your ribs either but when I broke my back last year they did not do anything for it either.
    Hope your reading something really good. I do love a good read.
    Glad you got to visit your friends. Gosh that is a lot of trick or treater's. Since I moved to the North Forty no one comes way out here but that surprises me because you know how teenagers are but I guess their afraid they might get shot in the country. lol
    I feel like I am repeating myself when I say your never boring. I love your writing and it makes me feel like I am in the chair next too you visiting. Oh how I wish that were possible.
    You don't have any single older guys running around you can hook me up with do you? hahaha
    Don't tell Sue I ask you that....she will ban me from your site.
    I love you sweet Darlene
    Hang in there and do be careful

  8. I am so, so sad that this happened to you, Mom. And I hope the next 17 days will go faster than the first.

    We've decided for sure to spend Thanksgiving at Matt and Heather's. Can you come, or are you committed to Nancy this year?

    Lots of love.

  9. Hi Darlene, Your comment appeared on my blog and so did your daughter Sue. I hope that you come visit again. I'm so sorry that you had difficulty leaving comments on my blog but I was having problem myself and I couldn't post but it's all fixed .

    I even started another blog when I got locked out but it has been deleted and my old blog Of Petals and wool is working again. I'm off to the barn as one of our cow has been calving and so far has had 3 small heifer calves today and my son think that there may be another one in there. Thanks for you interest in my blog and I sure hope that you are feeling a wee bit better than you were yesterday. Prayers for healing. JB

  10. Well, my dear - I missed all the excitement and trauma while I was gone! I'm so glad you didn't break anything, but having a hematoma is very painful too. Please take care, and no more dancing for awhile! I agree with Yaya - get a blessing to help you sleep and be more comfortable while healing.
    Your blog is delightful without pictures - you shouldn't worry so much about that!

  11. Glad to hear you're mending, Darlene.
    It was interesting to read about your Hallow'een. I meant to do a post about Hallow'een in Scotland, but I'm exhausted with work at the moment so it stayed in my head! You seem to have been very welcoming to what we call the 'guisers' - good for you.