Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Swedish Pancakes and Things

After viewing a bunch of pictures that I could find to post here, I discovered that they were all VERY old, which leads me to believe that sweet hubby hasn't been loading them from our camera and cell phone onto the computer, or else they are in a new place that I can't find. I truly do need to have him help me, so I should probably post on a different night than Tuesday because he has to go to a long church meeting. He goes over there around 6:00 p.m and doesn't get home until after 10:00 p.m. You might ask me what kind of a meeting takes almost four hours, but let me tell you, I don't think it is all meeting. Our Bishopric is made up of five terrific people, including our ward clerk (Dick) and the Executive Secretary. They visit for quite a time and probably go into an actual meeting around 8:00 p.m. Oh well, I am so very happy that he enjoys being around these super neat people as much as he does. They also have a lot of people coming into the office as that is when the young people get together too for MIA. Yes, I think I will change my evening. I just thought it would be such a nice way to spend time to do this while he is gone, but until I can make heads and tails of this computer, I'd best have him handy to help me.

Having said that, I'll go on to tell you about my week. It has been busy busy busy. I like it that way as I do think I feel better, the more I move around. I have been baking almost every day, but today we made Carmel Corn, a double batch, I might add. I do like to pack some along with the other goodies that we make sure our five children get. I have some new cookie and bar recipe's I am going to try next week. Yesterday we baked 12 Danish tea rings. Dick is a master at doing these. All I do is make the dough and he takes over. This year he is also going to do some Krispies, round Fruit Danish and some Bear Claws, so we'll have a little more variety. I am so thrilled that our oldest grandson, Matt, will be coming over on Dec. 10 to learn how to make the Danish!! I think it is so great that he wants to learn. We have one granddaughter, Kristin (Sullivan's mom) who has had the hands on lesson from Dick in Salt Lake. So, between the two of them, we are hopeful than when we are gone, they will keep up the tradition. None of my daughters have had an interest in learning and you really can't just do it from a recipe. At least I wouldn't want to try it. It just seems too complicated. When he teaches them, he makes them do it all so they really do learn that way.

Oh enough about baking. I'll bet you are all bored to tears reading about baking so much.

I did my first and last bit of shopping today and it wasn't even for Christmas presents. It was for my oldest daughter's birthday. I have been looking for a flannel long sleeved granny nightgown for her for two or three years and have never been able to find one. We finally scored today when we went to our local mall. I hated walking all around, but Dick forgot my wheel chair so I had to and boy, did my feet and legs hurt before we were finally finished. I can tell you about what I got her because she never reads my blog. The only one in my family that reads it is Sue. I guess they are just not into blogging, or even reading them.

I seem to get requests for recipe's from my blogging friend, Tima, who lives in Africa. She teaches school there and has a young son, Ethan, who is a great little baker and chef. I'm sure he learns a lot from his mom. She expressed an interest in learning how to make my Swedish Pancakes. You might be interested in reading her blog. It is "Living in Lusaka." Okay Tima, this one's for you: (and anyone else who might be interested)

Darlene's Swedish Pancakes:

3 large eggs
3 cups milk
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 3/4 cups flour

Put milk and eggs in blender. Blend for a few seconds. Add sugar, salt and flour and blend until smooth. Put pan on stove. Heat at medium high until quite hot. Add a small amount of bacon grease (great flavor) or oil in pan and spread with pastry brush---you can also put oil or grease in small container and dip brush into it and spread on pan. Pour about a scant 1/4 cup of batter into pan. Lift pan off stove and turn all around until batter spreads evenly to cover pan. Put back on heat until quite brown. Use long narrow spatula to lift up side to see if it is ready. Put spatula full lenghth under the middle of the pancake and quickly flip it over. It will only need to cook a short time more, about 30 to 45 seconds. You can fold pancake in half with spatula and slide it off onto dish.

Serve with butter & Syrup, sour cream mixed with a bit of raspberry preserves, or the way my son likes it, with peanut butter and syrup. Lots of people like it with just butter and I have a daughter that eats hers plain. You can really use your imagination here.

Again, hope some of you try these. They are really simple and you needn't be afraid of them. I like to use a flat Swedish pancake pan or French crepe pan about 8 inches round. I do have a grandson who just uses a regular pan but it shouldn't be much larger than 8 inches or it will run all over the place. These pancakes area VERY VERY thin. The batter is very very thin too. In fact, sometimes I end up adding a tablespoon or so of milk towards the end if it seems to be getting thicker. This recipe makes enough for four to six people. If you have some left over, they freeze very well if you just spread them out to a full circle and put waxed paper between them. I have to tell you a funny story about these. My kids, when they were still at home, decided to have a contest to see who could eat the most Swedish pancakes. Nancy, my oldest, won...........she ate 13 !! I usually eat about 3.


  1. Dear Darlene, you are indeed so busy. It must smell heavenly in your home. I can even imagine the aroma rising in the air and my mouth watering for the goodies.

    I guess that your Swedish pancakes MUST be good. 13 pancakes, really? Lol. Shopping for others is the supreme sacrifice for me. I never know what to get that they will enjoy. Take care and don't over do it. JB

  2. Sue is NOT the only family member who reads your blog. I'm family too and don't you forget it!!

    Your favorite niece.......Nancy Lee

  3. Each time I read you baking more, I make more plans to bake. So far I have 2 kinds of cookies in my freezer, with plans for more. Next will be your PB oatmeal ones.

    How many eggs do you put in the Swedish pancakes?

    I will also be making your Carmel Corn for my Utah kids who will be arriving on the 19th. Every time I make a batch it all disappears so quickly that I still don't know how long it will stay fresh...so I will probably make it a day or so before they arrive.

    Please let us know if you like any of those new recipes you are going to try.

  4. Oh I do love Swedish pancakes so I'm happy to have your recipe! Your baking sounds heavenly. I'll need to start this next week. I'm almost done with my shopping, can you believe it? I sent you a cookie recipe. You'll have to let me know how you like it. I'll get another one off to you soon.

  5. Swedish pancakes are one of my favorite things you make, Mom. They are amazing.


  6. We have 2 Advent calendars this year. I found a fabulous Lego one that I couldn't resist buying for Ethan. Our other one has pockets where I've got little notes for treats. Guess what Sunday's treat will be? Making Swedish pancakes! I can't wait! :)

  7. Gosh Darlene I am so hungry now that I have read about your Swedish pancakes and especially after reading Sue's comment.
    I have to tell you I do not tire of reading about your baking. I just am always in awe of how much you and Dick do for the holidays.
    I am taking your cookie recipes with me tomorrow while I am in town because we are suppose to have rain all weekend and I thought it would be a good time to bake.
    I think of you often and so glad when you do a post. Tuesday nights are a good time for you to do them but I understand how you want to have pictures too. Wish I could be there to show you but believe me I am not the best with computers.
    As you can see by my post I don't do very many.
    Two of my children have birthdays in December so I still have to buy their gifts. Christi's is the 22nd and that is why we named her Christi. lol
    She has had another bad week. On top of all the other she was laid off from her job. One she has loved doing for 5 years. You know sometimes I just don't have the words to help my own daughter.
    Enough on me. I wanted you to know about my giveaway that I am having. I hope you can come by and enter.
    Take care dear friend

  8. I want you to know that I really enjoy reading your posts. I like to hear about your days and week. I always like your recipes too. I think it is so awesome that your husband likes to help make the goodies. It is even more fun to think of him teaching some of your posterity.
    Don't worry none of my children read my posts either. I find that so interesing.
    I am happy you found the gift for your daughter.
    Well until next time; blessings to you for your sweet posts.

  9. I think men enjoy a good chat as much as we do. They just call it a meeting.
    I'm not at all bored by your baking tales. I don't recognise any of the cakes tho! What are bear claws?
    Swedish pancakes we know, because my husband's university degree is in Swedish and German, so we go to Sweden when we can so that he can keep up his Swedish.