Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas 2011

It's time again to wish you all
a Merry Christmas day.
We also hope that this New Year
brings happiness your way.

We Robbinses are going to try
to keep you all abreast
of what's been happening in our lives
from snug within our nest.

Our Christmas tree is beautiful.
Our Santas are in place.
In fact, all 43 of them
use up far too much space!

Still I couldn't spare a single one.
In fact, I must admit...
Each year, I buy a new one and
Dick doesn't mind a bit.

We're in the midst of baking still,
the same old things each year.
The cookies and the Danish seem
to bring a lot of cheer.

And so the Robbins Bakery
will do its best to stay
in business just as long as we
enjoy good health each day.

There's just one thing that's new with me;
I had my hair cut short.
No more perms or rollers for me.
I'm looking quite the sport.

I love my hair, 'cause all I do
is wash and brush it out.
I even have some natural curl
that this haircut brought about.

With Dick, let's see; what's new with him?
He bought a new iPhone
to keep up with technology.
These skills he now can hone.

He loves that almost every day
he finds out something new.
That tiny little instrument
shows him what it can do.

I've rambled on quite long enough.
It's time for us to say:
May your Christmas and your New Year
be great in every way.

And please, let's all remember
that very first Christmas morn,
for on that day in Bethlehem
the dear Christ Child was born.

With love,
Darlene & Dick


  1. Thankyou for the updates Darlene! I'd love to see your new hairdo. I bet it's adorable! And as for Dick, I bet he is really enjoying his new toy. I know I do. Your house looks very festive...enjoy the holidays!

  2. Darlene, your house is looking great for the Holidays. I love your Santa collection, it's so much fun to add new ones each year.

    I'm collecting some snowmen and add to it every year but I only buy from the second hand store as I can't afford to buy new.

    I love your message about what to remember at Christmas time. I hope that you have a memorable Christmas filled with joy. Take care and happy baking. JB

  3. Cute poem, Mom. You've still got it!


  4. OK, now I know we're true kindred spirits...I also have a vast Santa collection. I, however, didn't put very many out this year. I have atleast 2 very full tubs of them in storage. I will showcase a few for the blog however. I think your home looks so lovely and I also love the poem/Christmas card! Now let's get a look at the new sassy you! Have a great week!

  5. That is so CUTE !!
    The poetry talent is very much in your family.
    Merry Christmas to you too, Darlene! :)

  6. Love your poem of your Christmas 2011. I would love to see your haircut. Your tree is beautiful and I bet your Santa collection is amazing. Enjoy the baking I know all who are privileged to partake of the goods will certainly enjoy. Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas sweet Darlene. Hugs

  7. Oh my gosh that was an awesome poem. I now know where Sue got all her talent. I loved this. I used to try and write poems and now I have a hard time doing it for some reason. I would love to see your collection of Santa's and of course eat the goodies you make. I want to see a picture of your new haircut.
    Blessings to you and keep on enjoying the precious moments of this Christmas Season.

  8. Sweet Darlene now I know where Sue gets her gift of writing. This is just wonderful and I enjoyed it very much.
    Love the pic's of your beautiful home decorated for Christmas.
    I was just talking about you this morning with Christi about how much baking you do during the holidays.
    She came down yesterday for a couple of days so we could shop together.
    Sending you and Dick many Blessings this Christmas Holiday.
    Love ya