Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fateful Journey

We arrived home yesterday afternoon. We did have a great time at Sue's for Christmas, but met with a bad mishap on the way up. We were almost half way there when Dick started for the convenience store to fill up my drink jug. He didn't see the curb so fell right on his face in front of the store. I had decided to get out too and stretch my legs, so I didn't see him actually fall, but I saw him sprawled out on his stomach and ran over to him as fast as I could. A nice man was trying to help him up and he asked him if he was hurt. Dick replied, "I don't know." That's when I knew it could be bad. I helped him back to the car and tried to clean up his wound. He had an egg sized abrasion on his forehead that was way swollen. It was bleeding a bit, so I got the antibiotic ointment out and spread it around and he seemed to feel that he could drive. The truth was that he didn't trust me to drive his car. I have only driven it a few times and really don't feel comfortable driving it, but I was willing to give it a try. I had called Dave to tell him what happened and he told me to watch Dick carefully and if he seemed at all sleepy or I thought he couldn't make it to call him and he would come and get us. I kept folding Kleenex into a small square and had him blot his wound when it would start to drip blood and fluid. He was compaining about his neck and shoulders and his hands were hurting too because he fell on them too. All of his weight went on his arms and face.

We did manage to make it to Sue's and when she saw him she took him to the E.R. They were there for about three hours. They took a CTscan and found that nothing was broken. The doctor told him that all the blood in his swollen forehead would go down to his face the next day and to be prepared for black eyes. Honestly, I wish I knew where the picture of Dick, that he took himself about the third day, is so that I could post it, but as you know, I never can find any pictures on this computer. I know it is here, because he e-mailed it to our kids. Of course he is at his meeting tonight, but maybe when he comes home, I can talk him into letting me post it. Maybe he won't though, because it really looks awful and it was a bit better the day that he took it. His left eye was swollen shut and he only had a slit he could barely see out of in his right eye. His left eye looked like a pair of black closed lips. Poor guy. I honestly think I prayed our way to Sue's because he could at least see, but at one point, he had to really put on the brakes when we were in heavy traffic and he got a whip lash on his neck that was already hurting badly. Kathy, he needs your sweet husband. I think next week he will go to his new chiropractor, who bought his old chiropractor's practice when he moved.

We are now trying to get things ready for our New York New Years Eve. Our stake is putting on a New Years Eve party and dance so we have a bit of competition, except that it really isn't because everyone is coming to ours. We have been having them yearly at our house long before the Stake decided to have an affair New Years Eve.

I only have a little bit of baking to do this year. I have to make my chocolate cake and also a pie for our party. Then I doubt that I will bake anything for a very long time. We still have cookies in our freezer.

Dick is not going to be happy that this post was all about him, but believe me, that is what has been on my mind these past few days so, as you know, that is what I write about.

I do hope that you all had a great Christmas with lots of family and that your New Year will be a Happy and successful one.


Respectfully published with reluctant permission.


  1. I gasped when I saw his picture. As I read your story I kept thinking it would look bad, but still I was not prepared for how bad! I am so sorry this happened. You have barely recovered from your fall and now this! OH he just looks like he must hurt terribly.

  2. Oh, my goodness!!! Poor Dick that has to be very sore. I am so thankful he had no broken bones and his injuries were no worse although these sure look bad. I am glad you made it to Sue's and back home safe. I hope neither of you have any more falls. Remembering you both in my prayers sweet Darlene. Hugs

  3. Oh, my goodness!!! Poor Dick that has to be very sore. I am so thankful he had no broken bones and his injuries were no worse although these sure look bad. I am glad you made it to Sue's and back home safe. I hope neither of you have any more falls. Remembering you both in my prayers sweet Darlene. Hugs

  4. Oh shame. Glad nothing is serious.

  5. I'm sorry that Dick had a bad fall but glad that nothing was broken. I hope that he's on the mend for your New Year's party.

    Have fun at your party. Hugs. JB

  6. How awful for poor Dick - and for you! The photo brings out just what a bad fall he had. I do hope the swelling and bruising are going down now.

  7. Actually, this photo looks a lot better than he did in person. It was so sad to see! And he was such a trooper about it, too.

    I'm glad things are on the mend now, and I hope all his soreness goes away soon.

    Love you guys!


  8. Wow! That looks like it hurt badly. No wonder you've been worried.

    Heal Dick, heal!

    Happy New Year to you both.

  9. I would have rushed him to the ER too..Oh my, he looks like he was in a fight..does he tell people that they should see the other guy? I'm so glad nothing was broke, and he's doing fine. I hope his Chiropractor can take good care of his neck and sore body. Jack would gladly do it! I'll keep you both in my prayers that you have a safe, happy, and a wild and fun New Years party and a great 2012! I can't believe you're still having the party, but you sound like a ton of folks would be very sad if you cancelled it...so have fun! P.S..I have to show Jack this pic.

  10. You are a couple of troupers! That is a sad, sad picture, but at least it all gets better from here. Gotta watch out for those curbs - my grandma had a couple of fights with those herself and she looked about like Dick in that picture.
    Have a wonderful time at your party, and for heaven's sake, stay on your feet! Happy New Year to you both -

  11. Darlene honey I guess there has not been anything else on your mind except for poor Dick. I just feel horrible for him. That was a very nasty fall. I know it had to have hurt him to hit his face on the cement so hard. This picture tells us how hard he fell. Poor guy and bless your heart for the ride to Sue's had to been your worse nightmare him driving and you sitting there worried.
    I am just so sorry this happened.
    Can't believe you are still cooking. hahaha Your party will be the best though I know it will.
    Just could not let the old year end without coming by one more time to your site and to check on you.
    Tell Dick I am sorry for his injury and I send you both the best wishes for a very Happy New Year

  12. Oh, my gosh I feel so sad for your sweet husband. WOW! that is a really bad black eye. You must have had angels helping him to drive. I am glad he is ok. I hope you had a lovely NEW YEAR celebration.
    Blessings to you both in this new year. Pray for you both to stay well.