Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More of the Same

It has been only 22 days since my last post.  I'm getting worse by the week.  I don't know whether it is just because I don't like to post anymore or what, but I just can't seem to find time for the computer anymore.  I have managed to read a few of your posts but haven't even commented, really. I just don't like this computer, for some reason.  It does crazy things to me, or maybe it is vice-versa, anyway we don't like each other very well. 

I did get my MRI and then went to the pain clinic, where Dr. Reinhart gave me an epidural.  It sure didn't seem to work as fast as the ones I used to have when I went through the same thing with my left lower back.  But now, two and a half weeks later, the pain has diminished so much.  It still isn't all gone, but I am happy with what I have and just hope that it will last me a few weeks.  When it starts to hurt really badly, I will go back for another shot.   I also went to my hematologist and had a blood test and my hemoglobin was up to 11.6 so I don't have to have an iron infusion unless it gets below 11, so I am in petty good shape.  Probably as good as it gets from now on.  I still have to sit down a lot because I can only stand on my feet for about ten minutes.  I can get quite a lot done in that time.  I've been doing a lot of baking and cooking, which I love, but I must say, I hate it when I'm right in the middle of making a sauce, for instance, and have to turn everything off and sit down.  It takes me about 3 hours to bake a cake, for instance, when it used to take about an hour.  Still, I am really not complaining.  As long as I can keep going, I'm a happy camper.

At the end of last month, I had to give a book report to my book club and I must say that the book I had to read was a rather tedious one.  It was about the Mountain Meadows Massacre.  I must have done a pretty good job because the people that didn't make it that week told me that they were really sorry they didn't come and a couple of them said they were going to come over to my house so that I can give it to them anyway.  I'm not so sure I want to do that!!

On the 5th of this month, Sue and Dave (my daughter and son-in-law for those of you who don't know) came to pick up a new car, and I was so happy to have company again.  I especially love it when any of our kids come to see us.  They stayed until early Friday morning.  They had to go home early, because one of the guys that used to be in Dave's ward (he is the Bishop of the singles ward, which has two stakes in it) died.  He was only 36 and died from complications of an aneurism that he had two years ago.  So sad to die so young.  I really hated to see them go.  I think Dave got a little bit bored while he was here, because mostly we just visited and stayed pretty close to home.  Dave is used to doing something every minute.  Now that he is retired, he is finding it hard to relax for long periods.  He did sit out in the sun by the pool and read a book, but they were here for three whole days.  Usually when they come, their sons all come (three of them) and they play golf every morning.  I think he didn't want to go alone and Dick stopped playing golf years ago.  I was just glad to have them as long as I did.

Last night we went to a Family Home Evening at one of our friends.  We have a group of us that meets for FHE once a month and it really is fun.  We have such a wonderful group of friends in our ward.  (A ward is a congregation, for those of you who are not familiar with that term and a stake is composed of a number of wards)  

This morning we went shopping at Costco.  There were so many things I wanted to get that they didn't have in stock...............I just hope that they haven't stopped carrying them.  I like to buy some things in bulk, like the three pound cream cheese blocks, because I make lots of cheese cakes.  That is one of my specialties.  If any of you want me to send you the recipe, let me know.  I just realized that there aren't too many of you that are even interested in baking.  It is so amazing to me that women today seem to love saying "I don't cook!!" and for those women, there certainly is a lot of things to choose from at Costco.  So many things that are all ready to eat, all one has to do it warm them up.  I was stunned at how many there were.  I hadn't been to Costco for a very long time, so found it quite changed as far as their stock is concerned. 

Well, gang, that just about does it for this time.  As you can see, I have been just having a great old time...........so hope that all of you are too.  Out of the twelve people that always make comments on my blog, there were only seven of you that did last time.  I must be losing my grip. 

Sue, Dave, & New Car


  1. My Dear Darlene
    No Way are you loosing your grip. Like you most of us are having computer issues are just not blogging like we once did. I have found that my time on the computer is getting less and less each week.
    Love that Sue came for a visit and that you posted this picture of her. You know I adore you both and enjoy visiting both of your sites very much.
    I have always loved to bake. It's a real challenge for me in this tiny kitchen I have here in the old farm house. When this house was built over a hundred years ago the kitchens were not in the living quarters. They were built entirely seperate from the house. So I have given it a lot of thought and I believe that the kitchen in here now was the mud room at one time because it has stairs in it that lead up to the bedroom upstairs. I keep the trap door shut though and use the stairs in the living room. haha
    Cooking for one is not fun but I don't eat many frozen dinners so I cook.
    Sounds like your news from the doctors were good. I am glad your having some relief from your horrible pain. I always keep you in my prayers that your pain will give you a break.
    My fall the other week on my stairs has left me depressed because it has only caused my pain to increase and set me back on my healing progress.
    I find that I seem to loose my balance more and more these days. Scares the heck out of me especially living alone.
    Once again I have wrote you a chapter. I do think of you often and at the risk of repeating myself I do understand you not posting like you once did because I am truly there myself.
    I feel my writing is not worth boring anyone with. My life is not exciting but rather lonely at times.
    Who knows I did do a post tonight but nothing exciting except introducing a blogging friend that is a wonderful writer and artist.
    Take care and know I think of you often

  2. Wow, it's hard to beat that sweet Maggie's comment. She said almost what I was going to say.

    I don't bake much but I make my own bread and cook everything from scratch. I try to cook and bake healthy as there are so much prepared food I will not eat because of the soy issue and there is soy or soy by-products in so much food now a days.

    I'm glad that you are getting some pain relief. Living with pain is not for sissies...

    Computers can be a pain sometimes. They are good when they work but when they give us more chagrin that it's worth, it can be miserable.

    Dear friend, don't worry about not being able to leave comments on my blog. If you can, that's wonderful but if you can't that's OK. I understand. I'll still visit your blog anyway.
    Happy Valentine Day to you and Dick.

  3. No Darlene, you are not losing your grip. It's amusing that I think I may be losing mine, because I thought I commented already on your last post and on many visits back to your site to see how you are, I didn't bother to check. I am glad you are doing O.K.
    I agree that Maggie's comment is so sweet - makes me want to give her a big hug. Sometimes just having this means of communication here is very reassuring.
    I am finally putting my computer in for Windows updates and to sort out some computer gremlins. It should take a few days - marvelous as the computer is, it can be frustrating too.
    Although I don't believe in the commercial aspects of St. Valentine's Day, I think you and Dick represent all it stands for - hope you get to celebrate and enjoy your wonderful life together today. Love to you both.

  4. I miss your weekly posts but I understand how you feel about posting. I seem to have writer's block. I wish thoughts came easier and that I had more a a vocabulary.
    I am so happy you are doing better. You have been in my prayers. In fact, I almost wrote a comment on Sue's blog asking her to let me know how you were doing. You are such a fighter and have had to go through so much this last little while. Do take care of yourself and that dear husband of yours. I am so happy you had your children come to see you; to me that is always the best.
    I love that you bake and enjoy it. I used to do more cooking than I do now. I really need to get back to it.
    I am wishing you a wonderful Valentines Day and I am sending you lots of love and hugs!

  5. I agree with Maggie, that blogging and computer stuff is getting slimmer and life is getting busier..but I'll always have time to comment on yours! I actually blogged less last year than in 2011 but I'm trying to do a better job this year. It's suppose to be a journal for me..I'm a slacker! I'm glad you health is improved and hopefully the pain will stay away. You're like my Mom..always on the move even if it hurts. She says she's afraid to stop because she might not get going again! Love the pic of Sue and Dave and new car..I love her hair too...Dave just looks so relaxed like a retired person should! Enjoy your week and Happy Valentines Day!!

  6. I guess I'm one of the people that didn't comment last time, and I'm sorry. I find that I myself don't post more than once a week anymore, and it's hard to go through everyone's blogs every day. I've been busy with my parents and also SO BUSY trying to keep my aunt organized. That's taken a lot of time. But I knew that Sue and Dave were there and I was hoping you were all having a nice visit.
    This summer I'll have 60 days enforced non-work from July10 - Sept 10. Maybe I can drive out one day and see you! I'll have plenty of time on my hands... Think about it!

  7. So glad to hear that injection worked after all. I wonder why it took so long to kick in, but at least you know if that should happen next time. I don't like it either when women say, "I don't cook." How would they like it if their husbands were to say, "I don't work."
    That book you had to review sounds a little too intense for me! But it sounds like you did a great job with it for people to want to come to your house to hear about it!
    I hope you post again soon!

  8. Hello Darlene, so interesting to read your post and catch up with what you've been doing. I'm glad that the pain has lessened. It's a strange time of year for blogging - I don't have much appetite for it either just now but I do think about my friends in blogland in between times.

  9. We had lots of fun visiting you, Mom. Dave does get restless, but he loves being with you both, as you know.

    I'm so glad the shot is giving some relief.

    As you know, I've been blogging less frequently, too, although I've increased things a bit lately. Dave has been busy with the ward so I have more time on the computer. Once he's released, though, who knows what will happen? He will definitely want to be on the move again with some traveling.

    I loved the posts of all the sweet women who commented here. What neat friends they are!


  10. To me you seem to have kept your grip :-)
    Not many people can keep up like this. It was nice to hear that your pain has been reduced - personally pain is my weakest point. I must have a low threshold or something.

    I'm sure that the cakes are as good as ever, even if they take three hours. As long as you enjoy it, just do it.

    PS Thank you for the comment - photography has taught me to notice things :-)

  11. I am new to your blog. I think it's wonderful that you write about your life. So many people just dont...just let it go on by. Nice to meet you. I'll be back! :)