Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I used to love to sew, I really did. For years as my children were growing up, I made all of the girls clothes. My son was so disgusted with me because I never made anything for him. I actually felt so guilty that I made him a shirt. He absolutely loved that shirt and every time he wore it, he would make sure everyone knew that I had made it for him. Unfortunately, I never sewed another thing for him ever.

I even made most of my own clothes. I always had a sewing project going. Oh how my girls hated being fitted for their clothes, but I think they were always happy when they got a compliment on what they were wearing.

Why did I start to think about sewing tonight? Because I have so many things that I need to do. Many pants to shorten, both for myself and for Dick. Why can't either of us buy pants that still need to be shortened. I never thought of myself as having really short legs, but I guess I do. I also have so much mending to do, but everything just seems to stay where I put them. The reason for this is that the Singer sewing machine that I loved so much is still on the fritz. We have spent so much money reparing this thing that I hate to have to spend one penny more. It's always the darned tension. It just doesn't work. I would sew a few inches and then it would break. It never used to give me problems and all of a sudden it wouldn't work. I have paid to get it fixed I have also had a couple of really good seamstess friends try to fix it for me. At one time I even bought a used portable, only to find that I hate sewing with it as it doesn't give me a nice level space to sew on like my old one does. Before I bought that sucker, I tried doing a lot by hand, but with my ever increasing pain with arthritis in my hands and wrists I can't really do that anymore. So there everything lies, just taking up space. It is reallly depresssing. I keep telling myself to just get with it and use the portable or try once more to get the old one fiixed professionally.

I don't suppose there is any sense in just worrying about it all the time, but what is a person to do? I don't want to pay for someone else to do my sewing for me and I won't ever ask my sewing friends to do it for me again, so I guess I will just have to let Dick's pants continue to puddle a bit on his shoes (which he really hates) or just get the portable out.

Why ever did I just keep rambling on about this tonight? Because I haven't done one interesting thing this past week, and all I could think about was what I should be doing. I do wish I could figure out a way to keep from putting things off though. I am about as good a procrastinator as I keep telling Dick he is.

Now that I've vented about this, I think maybe I will start to shorten a pair of pants or two. Sorry you had be the recipient of all this venting.


  1. Darlene, I too, usually have a sewing project ready on my sewing machine. I just have to be in the "mood" to get it done and there is so much satisfaction in doing that! My hubby too has short legs so I have to shorten all his things. Recently I started working more though and so I have even less time. I also bought my hubby some much needed pants. I took them to our local dry cleaners and they did a super job for a nominal fee and I have a free sewing machine. Worry over. Sometimes it's worth it.
    I think its funny that your son wanted you to make his shirt. As a kid, we got so excited to have "store bought" things. Your son must have just enjoyed your attention in doing so. That's a heart warming story!

  2. Hi Darlene, I too sewed all my kid cloths and mostly for the girls because I had no money to spend and I really enjoyed sewing girl clothes.
    I know what you mean about using those newer sewing machines without a cabinet.
    LIke Donna, I have less time to sew now with working and blogging doesn't give me extra time either.

    Procrastination is contagious it seems, lol. I hope that you will find satisfaction once you hem those pants. I have short legs too and I have to hem lots of my pants too.
    Have a great day. Hugs. JB

  3. Good morning Darlene
    Gosh this post brought back memories. My mom use to make all my clothes when I was growing up and I remember a few shirts for my brothers too. When I married I made all of our country curtains and maybe a few dresses for Christi my daughter but I don't sew anymore.
    It's funny honey when I think of you the word procrastinator never enters my mind. Now me I am the one that procrastinates and I hate it.
    You just have not done these pants because your machine doesn't work right. I think you should snuggle up with Dick and then go shopping for a new one. lol
    Well now I am rambling and the north forty is waiting to be mowed.
    Glad you came by to read my story of my experiences long ago on riding our horses. Geezz I don't miss those trail rides.
    I will be doing more prison stories since I decided I need to get them on paper for my grand kids to have history about their crazy grandma yellow hair.
    I just don't want my blogging buddies to get bored. lol
    Have a wonderful week. Hope you get your pants hemmed

  4. I remember standing on a chair to have my dress hemmed many times over. But the end result was always great. When those hip-hugger skirts came into style while I was in high school, you whipped a couple up for me like it was nothing.]

    I really did hate the hemming part, though. You were picky, picky about getting those hems straight.

    Love you, Mom.


    PS. I think that old sewing machine isn't going to get fixed. You've tried so many times. I can't help wondering if you shouldn't just try to find a used one that is similar to yours but works!

  5. My Mom used to make mine and my sister's clothes but I don't remember her ever making anything for my brothers. I'll just have to ask her! She's a wonderful seamstress but doesn't do much sewing anymore because of her eyesight. I hated sewing but my sister took after Mom and can sew anything and upholster too. I just don't have the patience to do it. Maybe that's why I married a really tall guy so I don't have to hem his pants! You are allowed to vent here on your blog. We're all here to support and cheer you on! I can't give any advice about sewing machines but I agree with Donna and Sue's comments! Hope something fun, exciting and blog worthy comes your way this week so you'll be happier!

  6. Actually the venting was good. It brought back sweet memories of my mother. She made almost all of my clothes, prom dresses and my wedding dress. However, I have not been much of a seemstress. I did a little bit of sewing for children through the years; but it always gave me an neck ache so I didn't really enjoy it. However, all through of my girls love to sew; so the desire just skipped my generation.
    My mother also had a singer; which I now have. The sewing machine that I bought is now with one of my daughters. So if I have to sew something; that singer is still really a good sewing machine.
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post and the memories it brought are sweet.

  7. I keep picturing your little Rich so proud that his mom made him a shirt. That's better than I did with my sons. I sewed them all ZERO shirts. :(

    I hope you are feeling better? I know you don't like to talk about that on your blog, but you have been on my mind.

  8. Shortening pants is just the kind of thing that is made for being put off :-)