Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

It has been a very interesting Valentine's Day. I am still dizzy, but am trying to do as much as I can to get ready to go to the wedding. We have to leave Friday morning just as soon as I get my hair cut and blown dry. I hope the girl that cuts my hair on a regular basis can blow dry it so that I don't end up not looking like myself. I can only hope.

Dick did give me a beautiful Valentine Cake, which I know is REALLY good because someone brought it to our Relief Society Birthday luncheon last week. I NEVER buy cake at a bakery but I had to ask her where she got this one. Dick was there as the resident priesthood holder so he heard her say where she got it. He surprised me with it and you can see above how beautiful it looks. You'll have to take my word for the fact that it tastes as good as it looks.

We have both been trying to lose a couple of pounds or so before the wedding, so we decided to wait until tomorrow to serve it to our company. We are expecting my nephew and his wife to spend the day and the night with us. I'm afraid Dick is going to do all the cooking because I don't think I will be much help. He is going to do turkey salad sandwiches and salad for lunch tomorrow, a wonderful chicken cassarole that is Sue's recipe (I am going to post it in the next couple of weeks as I know you will all love it.) for dinner, along with rice and my oriental salad, plus the cake for dinner. Then Thursday morning he will make eggs benedick(notice the spelling), his own version which is even better than the original, which he can also do well. So I think we will be covered for meals while they are here. Thursday when they leave we are going to have to do all our packing and laundry. What a busy time. I will be glad when this wedding is over.


  1. Dear Darlene, I hope that you don't over do it. I'm worried about you falling with your dizziness.

    You are so blessed to have a husband who is a great cook and buys you a special Valentine cake. Eggs Benedick sound extra special. Looking forward to the recipes.

    Wishing you a safe trip to the wedding and back. JB

  2. I so hope that you are ok and won't keep feeling dizzy. It is so awesome that our good husband can cook so good. My husband is good at that too. I think sometimes I take advantage of this. The truth is he really does cook better than I. The meals that are planned sound yummy. The cake looked so good too.
    Praying for you to have an awesome and safe trip.

  3. You're very lucky to have such a talented chef for a hubby! I love the look of that yummy cake...I'm tying to lose pounds too so eat a piece for me! I sure hope you can fight this dizzy mess and please take care while walking and visiting new places that you're not used too. But also enjoy the time with family and friends. I bet your hair will look lovely too..Post some pics for us!

  4. I sure wish that dizziness would take a hike. =(
    I am praying that it will...

    We are all looking forward to seeing you both on Friday!


  5. I'm sorry you are still dealing with the dizziness. I wonder what is causing that.
    How sweet of your husband to overhear and take mental notes about the cake you liked. Also I'm impressed that he will make those meals. Oh yes, I very much would love the recipe to the chicken casserole. I made your chicken stew last weekend but it was way too hot for me. I used red pepper flakes but I guess I shouldn't have. The flavors were really good though so I want to try it again and just find a sub for the pepper flakes. I will try to find the brand you used.

    Take care and hold on to someone when you are out and about. I guess you have ruled out an inner ear problem?

  6. Isn't it nice to have a husband who is a good cook? I've been cooking all week, and tonight we're just having soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. But tomorrow - we're having your chicken stew recipe. I can't wait to try it!
    Have fun at the wedding - just relax and enjoy. Your hair will be lovely and hopefully the dizziness will take a hiatus.

  7. Darlene! We just had your Singapore Chicken Stew tonight for dinner, and it was AMAZING! So easy to make and so full of flavor. My husband said to tell you that he really enjoyed it and thanks for the recipe. He is a little under the weather and it made him feel all warm and cozy - and the spice opened him up a little, I think. I can't wait to make it again! Thanks for sharing the recipe with me!

  8. Scott does a lot of the cooking here too. Mainly because I'm not a very good cook. I love the cake you got for Valentine's. I got a pizza! And it wasn't even heart shaped. I hope you had a lovely time at the wedding. Am looking forward to seeing pictures.