Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mostly Ryan

A younger Ryan

Ryan, the businessman

At the beach tossing the football around

Hiking with his dad

On their way to another hiking venue

On the trail

In the big pines
It seems to be getting increasingly difficult for me to find something to blog about each Tuesday. I know I still have a lot of grandchildren to brag about but for some reason, I don't like to do grandchildren unless I have five or six pictures of them to post. I tried to find some before Dick left for his church meeting so that he could help me post them, but we only found four of Ryan, who is the one I decided to post about. They are all on some of his MANY hiking trips with his dad. The two of them really love to hike and they have a plan to eventually hike all of the National Parks. They have a darned good start of them and I wish I knew how many they have done, but maybe Sue will know. I just called her to see if she could find just one picture of him in his suit, looking business like as he looks pretty nifty in his suits. I learned one thing about him when he was here with the family for their yearly golf trip at the end of May. He doesn't always wear a suit when he goes to work. I guess I just thought that all auditors wore suits while working, but I was mistaken.

I am so proud of Ryan, because I just know he has to be one of the youngest managers working for a major auditing firm. He is very intelligent and passed his CPA exam the first time he took it. He went to work for one of the big accounting firms right out of school and has climbed the ladder pretty quickly. Being a manager is a very responsible job. They head up an auditing team and usually have a few businesses that they audit. Ryan and his team were in the process of auditing one of them when it came time for him to come down here for the golf. After just a day, it seemed like as soon as he got home from playing golf, he was on the phone. They were having some difficult problems that pretty much required his presence and unfortunatley he did have to fly home early, in the wee small hours of the morning. We hated seeing him go home, but he did as much as he could from here, without actually being there. At least he got a couple of mornings of golf in but that was all. He has done a very good job for them.

Anyway, I just had to sing his praises a bit here. He is such a handsome guy, but I do have to tell you, he is a very big tease and he really loves to tease his grandma. I am pretty much on to him though, and he doesn't get me too often. I think it thrills him a lot when occasionally he is successful.

Well, Dick just got home, quite a bit earlier than I thought he would, which is good for me because now he can retrieve some pictures that Sue sent me of Ryan and he can add them for me.

  1. Maybe next week I can do better, but honestly nothing much happened to me this week.........just a lot of the usual, doctors, labs etc.


  1. Is everyone in your family good looking?

  2. What a catch he is! When he is ready she will be there.
    I wish you had written about your Dr appts and labs. I've been wondering how you are doing with all that this week, Darlene.

  3. See, I told you people were interested in the day-to-day stuff that happens to you! Jill even wants to know about your labs, etc.

    Still, it was lots of fun reading about Ryan!


  4. This was a fun post - it's always fun to read about your family. And I'm always interested to read about your day to day too. It might seem boring to you, but it's not to us - it's a nice switch from our own boring lives!

  5. He's a handsome man! Thanks for letting us know more about your family. You are blessed with good looking, smart, hard working kiddos and grandkiddos! I hope you're feeling good and getting ready to enjoy the 4th of July holiday. You can keep us informed on your health and visits, we want to make sure you're doing OK!

  6. I really like your posts. You asked me how I found your blog and I honestly have no idea, but it is like visiting with family. It is a comforting and homely place to be, and yes, I agree that we would like to know if you are doing O.K.
    I enjoy "meeting" your family via the photos and appreciate that a loving family such as you show, is a fine thing.

  7. You seem to be doing just fine - grandchildren like that are not growing on trees :-) So why not praise them?

    PS Just take care - and make something happen ;-)

  8. I really enjoyed reading about your grandson Ryan. He is very handsome; the pictures were awesome. I think one of his great traits must be being responsible and loyal to his job. Those are good qualities to have. I will enjoy reading about your grandchildren.
    I do hope all your tests and Dr. visits went well. You take good care of yourself; because I love your posts.

  9. Darlene honey I too am having the same problems with blogging myself. I seem to be at a loss of what to blog about myself these days.
    It seems all I do is work around here and who wants to hear more about that. lol
    I am glad you did show these pictures of Ryan. This was a very nice post about a very nice and handsome grand son.
    Hope you do keep us updated on your health. You know I think of you often and want to know your doing good.
    Love ya