Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Week

Our cute little Sullivan taken March 2012

Sullivan with his Grandpa Blake, our wonderful son in law
I had hoped to post a picture of our little Sullivan but couldn't do it so will have to wait for Dick to help me and he probably won't get home until after 10:00p.m. The Bishop is going to be at his meeting tonight and when he is there, the meetings go on a long time as they try to get a lot accomplished. So I decided to start this and then finish it when he gets home. Most Tuesdays I have been getting him to help me before he left, but he didn't want to get away from the television tonight as he was watching that Wisconsin mess and he still had to leave before he found out who won.
Not very much happened around here last week. I mostly have been resting up for the great onset of a horrendous rest of the month. I have so many labs and medical procedures that I really must find a way to fix June so that next year it won't be so hectic. I have to see my cardiologist on the 14th of this month, and this Thursday have to have all the labs for that plus an Echo cardiogram. I also have to have a colonoscopy later on this month and I am certainly hating the thoughts of that. Maybe I won't have to take any more after this one. I have to go to two different kinds of dentists too. I am just going to have to take one day at a time, or I think I will go crazy.
We did go to a really fun party last Friday. It was a surprise birthday party for our Bishop. His wife, Sheila is so very artistic and creative, so of course all of the decorations were outstanding. It was held at a very poplular pizza place, but we had so much food, the pizza was a small part of it. It was held outdoors so was pretty warm during the first part of it, but when the sun went behind the mountain it was pretty nice. They started out with appetizers which consisted of the most wonderful deep fried very thin sliced potatoes, so some of them puffed way up, not all of them though. I really dislike french fried potatoes, so I was pleasantly surprised and I am going to try to make some myself, but probably won't get the seasoning just right. They put it on right after taking them out of the hot oil. I'm going to try though. They served this with a really good dip of some sort and none of us could figure out what was in it. All I could taste was the onions for sure but it was cold and white, so may have had some sour cream. Then they served hot chicken wings.....they were hot two ways, if you know what I mean. Everyone loved them but me. They were just a little too spicey hot for me. Then came a HUGE salad which I thought was yummy. After that, the pizza and then for dessert they had key lime pie(my favorite) and some kind of a chocolate chip cake that I didn't sample. Needless to say, we were all stuffed. All of the guys acted like kids because Sheila had put toys at each table, things that were popular with most of the guys when they were kids. They had these little gun things that blew these round plastic circle things way up in the air and they were all over, falling on everyone. They really had a great time, but I must say I was very very glad to get home as I was really beginning to hurt everywhere. Sitting on a straight chair for three hours was pretty awful for me and I was actually barely able to go to church Sunday.
I just got a phone call from my grandson, Sean, whom I introduced to you a few weeks ago. He is out of school now. He got straight A's this last semester. No surprise there for me, but he wanted to call and let me know. They just got out of school yesterday for the summer. He let me talk to the three new grandchildren (the ones I acquired when our son Rich married Stacy last July) They are such sweet kids and it was fun to talk to them. I will have to do a special blog on them one of these days, complete with pictures. I love it when my grandkids call. Not too many of them do, but Sean calls on a regular basis.
I know that this isn't a very interesting post, but truly, there wasn't much for me to write about. Maybe once a week is too often for me. We'll see. It's not quite 9:30 and Dick may not be home for another hour but I will get this off tonight, even if I can't get the picture of Sullivan posted. I was going to mention how excited I will be to see him this coming September. He is growing up so fast and I hate thinking that I will have to wait almost three more months before I see him, unless Kristin happens to come down to see her mom sometime this summer. If she does, we will go to Nikki's to see her and Sullivan for sure.
Til next time then......................


  1. Are you sure she and Sullivan aren't coming to the beach house? Maybe not, now that she will be working part-time. Can you believe how much they are paying her? That is CRAZY!! (She is one talented girl, and that agency knows it.)

    Sounds like the b-day party was lots of fun! Sorry the chairs were so hard, but glad you were able to weather it and enjoy the company of your friends.

    Love you.


  2. You had plenty to blog about! I think your life is much more interesting than mine..although I wonder if you are the sole support of your medical community. Holy Cow, that's alot of tests. But you will do fine and then you can party on! Hey, key lime pie is also Jack's favorite. I think that makes you twins! (that would also make you 6'3!) Your pics of Sullivan are adorable and I can see why you are hoping to get together to see him in person. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Darlene I like it very much when you post. I never find your writing dull. You lead a very active life and I know your friends love reading your post.
    I wish that June was not so busy for you because that seems like a lot of test and visits. Do try and take care and not over do it.
    Sullivan is just so precious. I know you are hoping to see him soon. We are really lucky to have such beautiful children and grand children.
    Take care dear friend and never think your boring. I love coming by for a visit.
    Love ya

  4. You seem to have had a good time. Just what you need before all the doctors have a go at you :-)
    Take good care of yourself!

    PS Thank you for the nice comments! :-)

  5. I do love Key Lime Pie too! I was happy to find out that Cafe Rio has them, and they're really good! (Don't know if you have a Cafe Rio out your way?) Oooooh I hate having tons of doctor/hospital/lab appointments too! I'm supposed to get a colonoscopy but I keep putting it off. *shhhhh...don't tell anyone...* At the end of the summer is when I'll have to haul my sorry self off to get bloodwork done and make the obligatory visit to my rheumatologist. I always put it off as long as possible! So June will be rough, but then comes July and you'll get to see most everyone at the beach! So stay healthy and you'll get your fun.

  6. In that first picture of Sullivan, he looks like Bryce. Do you think so?
    I'm sorry to hear about all those medical tests. Wow! But I so agree, just take one at a time and don't think of them all at once. I guess that's why our days come one at a time too.

    Fun to hear about that party. Especially about the toys at the table. I'll have to remember that one. Too bad they couldn't have a better chair for you.

    I hope you continue to blog each week. I like knowing what's going on in your life and you always write in such an interesting way.

  7. I love your weekly posts. Family pictures are always fun. The birthday party did soundd creatve with good food and fun. I am like you I can't set for long because of my back. I hope all of your doctor appointments go well. You had better take good care of yourself. Keep on enjoying your family and friend moments. I will keep you in my prayers as you are making your physician visits this month. Blessings and hug to you,