Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This is the dress I wore the week before Mother's Day

This is the one I wore on Mother's Day.

Matt giving Bryce a sky dive.

Carli swimming underwater to Grandpa and Bryce.

The gang catching some rays.

It has been so wonderful having Sue and her family here for the weekend. Todd decided to stay over until today so that he and Dave could go golfing once more. Unfortunately Ryan had to go home early, and I do mean early. He had to leave here at 4:00 a.m. yesterday because of his work. He has such a responsible job as a manager for a large auditing firm. They wanted him to fly home as soon as he could because they were having problems. It was hard for him to even come and the truth is, we were grateful for the time he was able to be here.

The weekend did go by in a whirl, and I think everyone had a good time. There was certainly an abundance of food and fortunately quite a lot of it was eaten. I think we will still have to have friends come to help us eat leftovers. We roasted a turkey and half a ham, and we did pork for tostadas the last day. I don't really like to freeze turkey, so will have to do something with the leftovers as I still have quite a bit left and a person can only eat so many turkey sandwiches.

We will be busy for awhile, as there is a mountain of laundry to do with all the sheets and towels but we will not even try to do it in one day. They are all leaving this afternoon, and it will be a bit lonely until we get used to just having the two of us in the house.

I had Sue help me with the above pictures, and thank heavens we found out that it is not just ourselves that were having all the trouble. Sue had them too, so we know it is our computer that has the glitches that won't let us space properly. I will be glad if and when we ever get our new one. It has been over a month now, and they are sending us a new one. I can only hope that we won't have the problems anymore once the new one is in place.

We actually didn't do a whole lot while they were here. I was sorry that they couldn't come to church with us Sunday, but they had to go to the wedding. Dave's brother's son got married so they were in Orange County most of the day. Of course when they were here, the guys played golf each morning and fortunately we had very mild weather, in the middle 80's, so that was great! Dick, Sue, Dave, Karin, Bob, and I stayed home and just hung out. We did a lot of visiting and reading and just plain resting, altogether not bad at all. It might have been a bit boring for Karin and Bob, but they didn't complain. I think they were just enjoying not having to do anything because they both work pretty hard when they are home. Karin has been working long hours, and Bob has worked seven days a week. They will have that to look forward to when they get home.

Well, I'm off......want to spend a the last couple of hours with Sue before they leave. Dave and Todd should be home fairly soon as they went early. 'Til next Tuesday........................................


  1. Actually, I think it sounds like the perfect family gathering. I think the best part is the visiting and hanging out together. Of course, food is a number one need for sure. I loved all the pictures of the family; it looks like you had a great time. I loved the two pictures of your outfits. You are very beautiful in everyway. Loved this post! Hugs!!

  2. Darlene I am so happy that you had a lovely visit with Sue and family. I just knew that you would.
    These photo's of you are so wonderful. You are just so beautiful inside and out. Love the dresses you chose for these special events their pretty.
    Reading this sounds like you guys had the prefect family gathering. Plenty of food and lots of quiet time together.
    Love that swimming pool. How I wish I had one out here to swim in every morning. I would be on cloud nine. lol
    The temps here were in the 90's all weekend so I did not do much outside and not a whole lot inside.
    You know I could not wait for you and Sue to post your pic's for the weekend together so you both have made me happy.
    Take care honey and I am sending good wishes for a gorgeous week ahead.

  3. What a great weekend you all must have had! I love your outfits, Darlene. You look just beautiful in them - especially the blue one. So summery and fresh! I'm glad everything went well, but with Sue around you just have to have a good time, don't you? Her family is so nice. Thanks for sharing the pictures - how wonderful to have that pool and spa! We have a community pool but don't use it much. We're hoping to get a spa next year for our little stretch of patio. I'm so looking forward to that! Take care and take it slow getting caught up from the weekend.

  4. Wait, I thought you were going to post pics of you..not some young cutie! I love the outfits, especially the blue and white ensemble...and your sandals are totally cool too! That pool looks so inviting. All those sunbathers look a little sunburned! Sounds like a terrific weekend. Just hanging around is my favorite past time when family arrives. My sister always wants to nap! She thinks it's our house that makes her tired, but I think it's the first time she's not having to do something other than sit and enjoy! Have fun with the crowd and then just sit and enjoy some quiet time with Dick.

  5. I'm so glad that your family visit was such a great time for everyone. It sounds like a lot of happy time was had by all. I love that pool and wish I had one too without the upkeep of course.

    You looks absolutely lovely and classy in your two outfits and I love the sandals too. I love left over turkey and I make soup out of the carcass and pieces of meat and I always give some to the kids to take home as some of them lives handy.

    Have a great week and take care of yourself.

    Hugs, JB

  6. Hi, looks like you had a great time. We did too, especially nice having Nancy and Charles here. Karyn and David had to work, but everyone else managed to get out here to visit with them. We ate on the patio and put up another round table on the grass right outside the patio. Little Braiden and his mommy and daddy went in the pool. It was 96 degrees here...so hot for May. You looked so cute in your outfits!!! Will talk to you soon.

  7. You looked gorgeous! I envy you the pool - we had needed that this weekend. 29 degrees C at 60 degrees North (think Anchorage, Alaska) is not bad.

    And I envy you that food! :-)

    Take care of yourself!

  8. Sounds like such a lovely weekend. And you do look so elegant!

    I've posted more information about corgis, Marmite and crackers. Sorry for not explaining more - I should have realised that these things might be a bit too British!

  9. Thank you so much for these pictures. And you have 2 very different looks with those outfits. You are beautiful.

    It was fun reading all the details to of your family filled weekend.

  10. Gorgeous pictures. Am so glad Sue was helping to help with the glitches you've been having.