Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Mother's Day .

I'll have to apologize right off to a few people, including my daughter Sue, for forgetting to have Dick take a picture of me when we got home from church Sunday in my new Mother's Day duds. The white skirt was one Sue got for me, and the top was one we went shopping for to go with it. I did get a lot of compliments and I will try to remember the next time I wear it to have Dick take a picture of me. With my memory I won't promise anything, but if I do remember, I will post it, however late it may be.

I did have a very great Mother's Day though. I usually can only go to either Sacrament Meeting or Relief Society. We have Sunday School in the middle so it is very hard, if not impossible for me to sit for the three hours. Our benches in the chapel are way too narrow, so are very uncomfortable for me, and were I to be able to go to Sunday School, I would have to sit on metal folding chairs, which are a total no no for me. In Relief Society it isn't too bad. In fact the best seating of the three, because even if we use folding chairs in there, at least they are padded. I did have a dilemma though because I didn't want to miss Sacrament Meeting because our Bishop was to be the last speaker, and he is SO GOOD, I didn't want to miss it. However, his wife, Sheila, teaches the second Sunday in R.S. and I REALLY didn't want to miss her. I usually go to Relief Society the second Sunday each month as it is always such a great meeting and I need to go at least once a month. They had also decided that instead of passing out the Mother's Day treat in Sacrament Meeting (usually a beautiful flower or chocolates) they were going to do it in Relief Society. So, after sitting through Sacrament Meeting (so worth it) I was just too sore and knew I would have to go home and ice my back, they gave me my treat to take home. When we got there, I opened this beautiful beribboned box to find a huge lunch. The young men and women had made the lunch and put it together. This beautiful box contained a large chicken salad sandwich that had sliced grapes and nuts in it, (yummy) in a big croissant, two huge strawberries, a bag of chips, a cake with fudge all the way around it, and a bottle of water. I iced my back while Dick split the lunch (plenty for two) and we ate our lunch while my back was getting back to "normal" in my wonderful chair. After eating our lunch, I decided to go back to Relief Society. So I put another icy gel pack on my back and off we went. I was so glad I did go because the lesson was excellent! The young men and women came in with the beautiful boxes for all the women and everyone had lunch as Sheila gave her lesson. They tried to get me to eat another one, but I was already stuffed. It's no wonder almost everyone took most of their lunch home.

We had a restful couple of hours before eating a big prime rib dinner, which Dick ordered for me from The Outback. He picked it up and it was nice and hot and most delicious. For dessert, we had some chocolate brownie cake that Sue had ordered sent to me from some place in Pennsylvania. It was excellent! The whole day was really a nice one because all of my children called me, plus two of my grandchildren!!! I especially loved that as you might guess.

So now you have heard all about my Mother's Day and I hope all of you mothers had a wonderful day too!

P.S. I told Dick that the next time he saw the Bishop, he would have to tell him not to give a talk on the same day that Sheila was giving her lesson as it was much too hard on me!!


  1. I am so thrilled to read that you enjoyed your Mother's Day. I just would give anything if your back would let you have some relief from hurting so much. I hate we both have that in common.
    I have actually gotten hungry from reading this post. lol
    Sounds like a wonderful lunch they gave out and I love the idea of it for Mother's Day.
    Sue is such a sweetheart sending you a brownie cake. I bet that was delicious.
    Love always reading about you and how your doing.
    I had a good time visiting with my three children in Austin. I will do more post about it maybe tomorrow.
    Take care sweet dear friend and be gentle on yourself.
    Love ya

  2. I'm glad you got to enjoy both sacrament meeting and relief society, Mom. And that lunch sounds delicious. What a cool thing for them to do!


  3. I'm sorry that your back is hurting so bad.Here when it's cool and raining I get a bit of arthritis in my neck and back and have to take Advil for relief. My back pain never really goes away but it eases it a bit.

    I'm happy for you that all your children called on Mother's Day, even some grandkids. That is beautiful.

    It's so nice that your church congregation had a tasty lunch for everyone and that you even returned to the meeting after lunch.

    We've had rain for most of the week and it's pretty wet outside so I have been unable to do much weeding. The dandelions are growing everywhere as our government banned harmful herbicide.The sun is supposed to come out for the rest of the week.

    I hope that today will be better for you.

    Hugs, Love

  4. I am so happy that you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I loved the Mother's Day lunch provided by the youth; what a great idea. I do want you to get a picture of yourself in that outfit. The Sacrament meeting and RS meeting sounded well worth the effort to get there. Do take care of the back; I know how painful that can be.
    We only went to the Sacrament Meeting at our Inner City Ward. We then drove out to the assistant living place where my sweet Aunt Della lives and had lunch with her there. She is 97 years old and I try to see her every week and for sure every other week. She is a treasure to me. She says she isn't a member of the church; but I know she was baptised so I think she is. She did give me permission to do all of her temple work after she passes away. I have been working on her life history and almost have it completed. Later I enjoyed the phone calls from my children. It was a good day.
    Blessings and hugs to you!

  5. I got such a treat from picturing you and Dick sitting there eating that delicious lunch while you iced your back. What a lovely, lovely treat for all of the mothers that day! I'm glad you had a wonderful day - I'm sure you are the crown jewel in your family! I loved reading all about it, and I'll look forward to seeing a picture of you in your beautiful new outfit.

  6. Your Relief Society is the best! Wow, lunch for all the ladies is super nice and having the youth do that is extra special. I'll have to remember that for next year! We always get lovely flowers to take home and plant. I would love to see the pretty outfit on you. I bet you looked great. I'm so sorry your back is hurting. I'll email you with the name of a topical cream my Mom just started using and see if you could try that. She swears by it! Have a great week and hopefully you can go to RS and Sacrament next week too!

  7. What a nice ward you have! Chicken salad on croissants complete with strawberries and choc cake...wow!!

    I know what you mean about the sitting for 3 hours. This has always been a challenge for me. I don't usually have pain like you so I shouldn't complain, but it's just hard for me to be still for all that time.

    I hope you do take a picture next Sunday. :)

  8. Janet has the same problem deciding which meetings her leg and back will let her attend. My back has been giving me fits this week so we may be choosing meetings by vote. In some ways, being middle aged was so much more fun