Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time Once Again

Yes, it is that time again friends and I must say I don't have much to blog about. It has been a very quiet week. I didn't go to church Sunday, although I almost went. One of my good friends called me on Saturday wanting to know how I was doing and I told her I was planning to go to Sacrament Meeting and she advised me not to go. It's funny, she and I have so many identical health problems. She hadn't gotten bronchitis yet and I hope she doesn't get it. But she advised me to stay home one more week and go on Mother's Day. She said she knew that I wasn't contagious but that she was afraid that I might catch another bug. I just don't know why people go to church when they are sick. I can't tell you how many times Dick has gotten sick from someone in the Bishopric in their meetings, and then brought it home for me to catch. I guess some people think that being in the Bishropric, they just HAVE to come as the meeting wouldn't likely go right unless they were there. Maybe that is a bit harsh, but anyway, my friend, Beth, made me promise that if I did decide to go that I would wear a surgical mask to protect myself from getting any new germs. After we hung up, I did give it a lot of thought, and even though I did have a few surgical masks, I decided it would be best if I stayed home. I am going to go for the Mother's Day program though. Our Bishop is one of the speakers, and he is wonderful. I am so glad I don't have to miss his talk.

Dick has gone to his meeting tonight, so I am all alone with my thoughts. I asked him if he had any suggestions as to what I should blog about tonight and he said, "Why don't you do one of your prize recipes. You haven't done one for awhile. I actually decided that it was a good idea. But you know what? I have done my very favorite ones already. The one that keeps coming to my mind is my favorite Ranch Dressing. Because it is starting to get pretty warm now, we are eating quite a few salads. This dressing is also great on vegetables, any kind of cooked veggies you might be having with a meal. It is very tasty and the reason I love it so much is that it is very very low calorie. Everyone that has it at my house wants the recipe, so even though you haven't had it at my house (well, maybe some of you locals who NEVER comment on my blog, but read it regularly, have had it) here it is:

Darlene's Ranch Dressing

1 quart Knudsen's buttermilk
1 cup Best Food's mayonnaise
1/2 envelope of Knox gelatin (about one teaspoonful)
1 envelope Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning (buttermilk recipe), only I use my own.
1 teaspoon garlic powder
2 teaspoons onion powder
2 teaspoons cracked pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon dried basil

Put 1 teaspoon Knox geletin in medium size saucepan. Add 1 cup buttermilk. Stir on LOW heat just until gelatin is barely melted. Add remaining buttermilk, mayonnaise and seasonings. Stir well. Store in refrigerator in covered container. This will last about a month. Unless you have a large family............The wonderful thing about this dressing is that it is only 26 calories a Tablespoon and a Tablespoon goes a long long way, unless you are like my husband, who loves this stuff so much that he drowns his salad in it, then eats all that's left by the spoonful after the salad is gone!

I hope you will all try this, even if you aren't concerned about the calories. It goes with any kind of salad. Although, I have never tried it with a fruit salad and don't think I will, but I have put mandarine oranges in my vegetable salad and it is good with that, so who knows? Don't think I will be trying it at any time soon though.

Thanks again to all of you who have sent emails........I really am feeling a little better every day, but I've been told this cough could go on for another month yet. I'm just so glad that I didn't have to go on that intravenous vancomycin. This whole thing started just 3 weeks and 6 days ago. It seems like a lot longer. Take care all of you and stay well!!!


  1. So good to know Beth gave you that advice! This is peek flu season right now and you don't need that. And you sure don't want to miss Mother's Day.

    So how is your shoulder doing? Is that shot still holding?

    You have the best recipes so I'm sure this salad dressing is a hit, too. But since I'm allergic to milk I guess I better not try it :(

  2. Hi Darlene, Im really sorry that you are still not well enough to go out. I sure hope that you will feel better by Mother's Day.

    I'm sorry, I'm not one of those who sent emails because I've been rather busy and can hardly respond to comments on my followers blog. I steal a few minutes here and there and somehow get it done.

    I have three new calves within a week so they keeps me busy at the farm. I now have 20 calves to care for twice a day and lots of cleanup to do. The yard work is getting behind but my bulbs are all in bloom and so are the dandelions.

    That dressing recipe sure sounds good. I'll copy it. Thanks so much. It's always nice having some really good recipes.

    I'll wish you Happy Mother's Day in advance. I just got a call from our local florist and they have a delivery for me. One of my kids must have send an arrangement of flowers for Mother's Day.

    I finished my quilt last evening so now I have to keep my promise and start hooking on my Childhood Memories. I have so much weeding to do in the perennial flower beds.
    It's raining today so the decision is easy, I'll hook in my spare moments.

    I'm sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.
    Hugs. JB

  3. I LOVE this dressing! (And the one who makes it...)


  4. Oh, I love to make my own salad dressings when I have the time - they're so fresh and good, so thanks for this! I'm glad you're feeling better, and I think you were wise to give it one more week. If everyone would wash their hands often, people wouldn't spread so many germs around. Take care of yourself, get some sun/Vitamin D and enjoy your Mother's Day!

  5. Dear Sweet Darlene
    So glad you stayed at home Sunday because I would hate it if you caught something else. You brought up a very good issue about people going around others when their sick. It is one thing that drives this ole grandma up the wall when I greet someone and that say OH by the way don't get to close I have the flue. Of course this is after you have hugged them. lol
    Dick gave good advice about telling you to give us a recipe because I have started a book called Darlene's Recipes and when it is full I am giving it to my sweet Kaci for her hope chest one day.
    Super coming by here as I always feel better after visiting with you. I would be one happy lady if we were neighbors. lol
    Been mowing but doing my best not to over do it. I think of you when I crawl up on that big tractor and I keep your advice in my head. I did feel it in my back this morning so I only mowed an hour this morning. Looks like rain too.
    If I don't get back over here before Mother's Day I am sending you wishes for a very very Happy Mother's Day. I think you are a awesome Mother and it shows in your precious Sue.
    Love ya

  6. Fun recipe! I don't ever make my own and now you've inspired me to try this. Ranch is always everyone's favorite dressing so I'm sure this will be a hit. I'm glad you stayed home too. I worry when our seniors come out and hug everyone or get hugged by people who forget that if they have a cold or cough it's very easily spread to the young (you!) and the youngest members. I hope your Mother's Day is a great one and everyone treats you like the lovely Mom you are and you are crowned "Queen for the day!"

  7. I am so happy you are feeling better. I do hope you have a a lovely Mother's Day and can go for the Sacrament program. I too think it is wise that when you have a cold or don't feel well for some reason you should stay home.
    I am so happy to get this dressing recipe. We have a hard time cutting calories with dressing; because the lower calorie ones don't taste good. I will try this one for sure.
    Blessings to you and hugs too. Have a Wonderful Mother's Day.

  8. The recipe sounds nice, even though we would have to replace many of the ingredients with local variants :-). The major problem is, however, that I'm such a lousy cook!

    Take case of your health, and I'm with you when it comes to avoiding contagious disease. I have never understood why even health professionals (of which I used to be one) have to go to work with their nose dripping and the throats coughing.

    Have a nice week!