Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Time

I honestly did try to have a decent picture for tonight's post, but for some reason none of the ones Dick took of me were good. I think it is because he is taller than I am and he was standing up when he took it and the result is that my body was all weird, my feet looked too small and my head too large. I will try again next Sunday. I will have him sit down so that he is at my level when he takes it. Anyway, I am just not good at the picture thing, as you all know.

We are in the process of getting ready for our company. Today I made oatmeal cookies because every night before he goes to bed, Dave likes to eat an oatmeal cookie and some non fat milk. When he is home, he buys his cookies at the store, so I like to have plenty of home made ones when he comes here. Yesterday morning Dick cleaned a little more than half the garage. I mean he REALLY CLEANED it. He washed every little thing and even mopped the floor after he had vacuumed all of it. This morning he started at 6:00 a.m. and worked another 3 1/2 hours and it is truly clean. It has been a long long time since it has been this clean. Every once in a while I have to go out there just to take a look. He went to mail our new computer back to the company. as they are replacing it, and he noticed that his neck and shoulders started to feel a certain feeling he gets, so as soon as he got home he used this little gizmo that tells him if he is in a-fib and he was! Darn.........but he took a very long rest and fortunately in a few hours he felt better so he tested it again and he was back in a normal sinus rythmn!!! I am so glad because he really needs to be at the church tonight they are having a special meeting on home teaching and he really wanted to be there.

Yes, I'm on my own tonight. Had I not been, I think I would have had him transfer any picture we have on file just to make this post a little more interesting. I could always post a picture of our little Sullivan, who is growing up so darned fast and is doing so very well. I just can't stand it if I don't get to see him every two or three months. It will be a lot longer than that, I am afraid, unless Kristin brings him here this summer. She is expecting my fifth great grandchild the middle of September and it is a girl!! They really wanted one so we are all excited.

We are having our Johnson family reunion in Salt Lake City September l. My mother would have been 130 years old on Sept. l, so I think that is pretty neat! We had our last one three years ago at Sue's. We have them every three years and I am the youngest in my family, which is the reason we had it at Sue's as it was my turn. She has such a much larger house. It was really a good one and I'm sure this one will be fun too. It is the turn of my oldest brother Byron's children to host this one and their daughter, Virginia, lives in Bountiful so they are having it is Salt Lake. Lucky for me because we will get to stay with our daughter Jayne for awhile. We might even try to stay there until Kristin has the baby. I hope she has it on time, or better still a few days early! I also hope that all of my nieces and nephews will be there, for the reunion, that is.

Well, I do think I've rambled on enough for this time. I hope you are all enjoying the spring. It will soon be over. Summer time here in the desert is a pretty warm place to be. We have actually been having pretty warm weather this past week. It has been from around 104 degrees to about 106. Sue, you will be happy to know that our temperatures will go down on Thursday to 85 and will stay in the 80's for a few days. Our forecast takes us through next Tuesday. Sunday(the day you will be gone for the wedding) it will go to 95 and Monday it will be 103. So you will have only one REALLY hot day. The guys should love the cooler temps for Friday and Saturday though. I never could understand how they could play golf on those hot days.

Take care everyone.........I'll be back next Tuesday. Then I can tell you all about the fun we will have had with our loved ones. I know I will be sad because most of them will go home Monday,
but Sue, Dave and Ryan will leave Tuesday morning. My love to all



  1. Sounds like a jam packed Summer ahead! Hey, if Dick gets antsy and needs another project he could clean our garage. It will take more than 31/2 hrs...and more than 2 days...I think I'll just forget it. Anyway, your temps would have my hubby hiding indoors until Winter. He hates hot weather. Here the temps aren't the real problem, it's that nasty humidity. It sucks the life out of you! We should be used to it since we both grew up in the midwest but it's a pain every Summer. He is outside all Winter with a smile on his face and the only time he really tolerates the heat is when he has to be at Boy Scout Camp in July. Well, enjoy making those cookies and I'll look forward to hearing all about your visitors next Tuesday..Love ya!

  2. Well I'm glad that Dick has such a good Medtronic device - technology saves another life! Think how miraculous it is that he was able to feel better and go to his meeting! I know you'll have a wonderful time with your family, and how sweet of you to make Dave such good cookies - he must love coming to visit you.
    Stay cool and in the shade. I don't know how they can go out and play golf either - even if you start early it gets so hot. Can't wait to hear all about the fun you'll have!

  3. I'm glad Dick came out of a-fib so quickly. Tell him to settle down and relax. He doesn't need to go all-out for our visit. We'd rather have him feeling well.

    Love you and looking forward to our visit!


  4. Hi Darlene, I finally got the time to leave a comment on your blog.

    I've been caring for an abandoned newborn kitty and it's time consuming. I actually read your post last evening but had to come back to it now.

    I'm glad that you are up to baking cookies but don't get yourself over tired.

    Dick probably should have rested halfway his leaning episode. Atrial fibrillation is serious.

    It looks like you have a lot to look forward to and I hope that you'll have a great time.

    I can't take the heat either but my husband loves it.

    Happy Memorial Weekend.
    Hugs, JB

  5. Oops, it should read "in his cleaning episode." I don't know what happened to the "c"
    It must be lack of sleep.

  6. I love that you always seem to have a fun family event to go to or look forward too. I am so impressed with technology today. It is really good that your husband has a device to tell him what his heart is doing. I am happy he is ok.
    I love oatmeal cookies and one at night with chocolate milk would make me happy.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We are heading down to Richfield, Utah to put flowers on my parent's graves. My Mother was always faithful in doing this for our relatives so I think she would haunt me if I didn't go down.
    I do hope when you come to Salt Lake we can connect someway.
    Love and hugs to you!

  7. Sweet Darlene
    I read on Sue's sight she was spending the weekend with you and I told her to give you a great big hug from me. Wish I could be there to do it myself but I am thrilled for you that Sue is coming.
    You two be sure and take lots of pictures for us out here in blog land.
    Wish Dick lived closer I sure need my porch scrubbed. hahaha
    I have been putting it off now too long because one I procrastinate and two it is so hot here now too but not in the 100's like your having. Oh I can't stand it that hot.
    Loved reading about your reunions. I miss ours. It seems now us cousins have let them slip by now that we all have lost our parents. That is a real shame. Maybe I should work on having one in the fall.
    As you know Darlene I love coming by here and finding a new post from you.
    Take care dear sweet friend and enjoy your visit with Sue.