Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tuesday

This is me with my handsome grandson, Todd, who is now a second year medical student! I am so thrilled that he passed his final examination, which was anatomy(the hardest one) with flying colors. This picture was taken at the beginning of the year when he received his white coat. I just got the great news from Sue that he got his grades and they were good ones!! He will be going home to work for an oncologist for the summer. In fact he has to start Friday so will be leaving for home Thursday. Today is indeed a happy day for me.
Why in the world any of you would want to know about all my tests and labs and what not is beyond me, but since many of you asked, I will give it all in a nutshell. I passed my tests with flying colors for my cardiolagist. In fact, she said I wouldn't have to take any more echo cardiograms as everything looked so good. Everything else was good too so I won't be going back for another six months, although I made it seven, so I don't always have to go in June and December. They are both really busy months and I hate to have to do all the doctor stuff during those months, so now I will be going in January and July. One thing I really like about my cardiology team is that they have me come in every six months to check everything. I like that they are keeping a close check on me. The cadiologist I used to have just always told me to come in if I have a problem. I like not having to worry about anything. I'm slated for a stress test in January, but she wasn't even sure I would have to take that, because everything looked so good. I hope I won't have to. Anyway, as far as my heart is concerned, it couldn't be better.
My bottom teeth, (the ones that are screwed in permanently to the three implants that are left) are wonderful now. My Maxillofacial Prosthodontist just had to adjust them slightly and now they feel perfect. I have to go back to him tommorow for him to just take a look at the top tooth they were bothering. I am sure it will be fine as the tooth doesn't hurt anymore.
My hearing aids are just fine now too. She had to adjust them and took out some little wire thing that wrapped aroung the botttom of my ears and it was driving me crazy with itching. I hope they will stay in. I only wore them if I was watching television (which I don't do much anymore......I'd lots rather read) or when someone came to visit. She wants me to wear them all the time now, so I'm trying.
My other lab test was to find out if I had enough iron in my blood. I haven't heard back from them and probably won't because I have to go to my Hemotologist next month. He will then let me know if I need an iron infusion. I don't suppose it was too bad or I would have had a call by now to come in right away for one.
So now you have it, I had to see all of these professionals this past week and it was a busy one. I am so glad that the only thing I have left this month is my colonoscopy, which I absolutely hate having. I go a week from tomorrow for that. I don't mind the actual procedure, it is the preparation the day before that just about does me in. I get so deathly sick with all that stuff I have to drink. Oh well, this too will be over soon, but I may not feel like blogging next Tuesday, unless I decide to do it in the morning instead of in the evening as I always have done.
My goodness, this nutshell has grown, hasn't it?
So, as far as my doctors are concerned, I am doing pretty well. I really can't complain as there are so many people that are my age that are so much worse than I am. I am truly blessed. My goal, of course, is to live to be 90, which is five more years. If the next five years goes as quickly as the last five did, I will be there before I know it. I've learned to just take one day at a time and that works for me!!
It is such a nice bright sunny day. We did our pool exercises as usual and I noticed today that I really am getting a great tan. I like being tan as people always tell me that I look so great and who doesn't like a compliment like that!!
That's about it folks. I do hope all of you are doing well and that you are enjoying life to the fullest. If any of you have any ideas about what I could possibly blog about next Tuesday morning, let me know. It's going to be a pretty dull week, I'm afraid. I may have to come up with something from my life before I was a blogger!!


  1. Nice to hear about "The flying colours"! Nothing better :-) And congratulations with your grandson - anatomy IS difficult :-)

    PS Thank you for the lovely comments - and Father's day around here is in November. Probably decided by commercial interests so as to get some business in November too :-)

  2. Now that's a great pic of you and Todd. He's a very handsome man and will make all the nurses swoon! I'm so happy your tests are good and I know you'll live to see 90. In fact, I bet you will go way beyond 90! You could write about your "pre-blog" life..everyone would love it. But whatever you decide, just get through the colonoscopy and tell us how it goes. (you're right, the test is nothing. I'ts that stinky day before the test that kills you!)

  3. Great picture of you and Todd. Of course you are proud of him!

    Thank you for updating us on your testing, etc. You may just outlive us all. You will definitely make it to 90 and beyond. You have way too much to live for and you take such good care of yourself. I wish you didn't have to do that colonoscopy though.

  4. What wonderful news from the doctors, Mom. I am so happy that your heart is doing well and also that your teeth are now feeling better to you!

    All good things, which is what you deserve!!


  5. I'm so happy that your tests and procedures were all favorable! I'm with you - I like knowing that things are good, instead of just waiting for something to go wrong before I see a doctor. How wonderful that you have such a good team! Thanks again, Darlene, for leaving such a fun comment on my Father's Day blog. My dad just enjoyed the heck out of himself reading everyone's comments. Congratulations to Todd on his white coat ceremony - that's a big day! We loved seeing pictures of my daughter's husband in his new white coat - so doctor-ly!

  6. You look wonderful in that photo with Todd - such a happy occasion. Continue to look after yourself, it sounds like you have a good team to keep an eye on you, including such a loving and caring family. All the best with the colonoscopy.

  7. I am so happy that all of your medical reports were good. I know exactly how you feel about the colonoscopy. I hate the preparation for that one.
    I loved the picture of your grandon and you. He is very handsome and you are beautiful. It is so awesome to have a grandson as a physcian. Congratulations to him for all his hard work and passing the classes and test. They are very hard, I am sure.
    I just love your posts so I am sure you will come up with a good subject. Just keep doing them; because I love reading about your activities. Thanks you for reading and following my blogs. I am looking forward to meeting you soon.
    Blessings and hugs to you!

  8. Darlene this is such good news. So happy that your heart is good and strong.
    This pic of you and your grandson Todd is really a wonderful picture of you both. Isn't he a handsome young man sitting beside his beautiful grandmother.
    As far as writing post about before our blogging days that is one reason I write of my prison days because my like out here is pretty routine and I know everyone doesn't want to hear about mowing all the time. lol
    I think I would not be alone in wanting to here any story you wanted to share with us.
    We just love reading your post.
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  9. I think it would be great to hear some stories from your growing-up years, Mom. Or from when you were a young mother.


  10. So lovely to hear the good news about Todd. He looks like a very capable doctor already!