Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Special Post

Hey Guys.........Just wanted all of you to know that I am going on an extended hiatus with this blog.  I have been way too busy to do it justice and now I am not feeling so well, so am really going to take a long long rest. 

I will continue to check my e-mail from time to time so if you want to get in touch with me (and I hope you do once in a while) please just send me an e-mail and I will be sure to answer it within a few days.  I say a few days because I doubt that I will check it daily, but I will check it.  I will  even come by to read your blogs, but am not likely to comment.  This is not a forever thing, I just need a rest. 

Thanks all of you for all of your good wishes.  I'll let you all know when I'm back.  Love to all,



  1. Hi Darlene,
    I'm sorry that you are feeling so tired. I hope that you rest well and that you take care of yourself.
    We'll be here when you return if you chose to return

    I'll be flying home on Easter Evening. I've been here at my daughter Christine since February 25th. There is still lots of snow on the ground and we've had snow storms after snow storm. It doesn't look much like spring... Daniel the new baby is growing so fast and he's gaining weight rapidly.

    Have a Happy Spring and Easter and don't do any more than you can easily do.


  2. I'm glad you're allowing yourself to take a little break Mom, and I hope you feel more energetic soon!

    Love you.


  3. I'm sorry you are not feeling well Darlene. I will miss your blog posts but it's better that you just take care of yourself and not worry about this for awhile. Meanwhile, I will miss you!

  4. Darlene, I hope you feel better soon! I'll miss you but I know you'll be back with some good adventures. Take all the time you need and I'll be writing you too. I hope you have some beautiful Spring weather....better than ours! I'll be in Portland Ore, for my grandson's baptism and Easter. I sure wish we would have time to make a visit but we're only going to be out there 5 days. Have a wonderful Easter..keep resting!

  5. Oh darn! I just discovered you and now you are taking a break. My bad luck. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Rest up Darlene -keep well! x

  7. You get to feeling better. You are in my prayers and I will keep your name on the temple roll. I have been worrying about you. I will want to email you to see how you are doing.
    Blessings and hugs!

  8. I, like all the other, certainly hope you are feeling better soon! But probably unlike the others, really know what it is like to be so sick or tired that you need a break from your blog. It was really low on my priority list for a while but I hope to get back into it more and more. It has been a wonderful connection in gettng to know amazing folks like you and Sue. I will be praying for you too. I feel it's the most wonderful thing that you can do for each other. Hugs...Donna

  9. Hi Darlene, I just wanted you to know that I've been thinking about you and I sure hope that you are feeling better. Spring weather is finally here and it's easier to get around without snow.
    I didn't have your email address so I'm sending you a hug through your blog

    Hugs & prayers,

  10. Oh my. I just find you and you are gone. Enjoy your rest. I know how you feel. You stopped in you are still commenting from time to time it seems. That is a positive sign. Even if you don't read's ok. It's nice meeting you anyway.
    I am nearly to the place you are I think. I am nearing 77 and I get tired and sometimes don't feel I understand.
    My best to you,