Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cross With Crossword Puzzles

Every day I work two crossword puzzles, one from our regular newspaper and the N.Y. one that our newspaper also prints. I really enjoy them and they help to keep my brain from getting atrophied. I have to say, I am pretty darned good at doing them, but as the week progrsses, the N.Y. ones keep getting harder and harder, starting with about Thursday. The good thing though, is that I enjoy almost equally as well, going back over the previous ones that I haven't been able to quite fill in all the spaces to see the answers to the ones I couln't quite complete.

Here's the thing, Sue, knowing how much I enjoy them, gave me a whole big package of New York Crossword Puzzles that date back into the fifties. There is one on each page, actually printed on whole sheets of the New York Times.The only thing is that the pages are not connected chronologically, and there are a lot of them. I did a few, but got really frustrated because nowhere can I find the answers to them. I searched the internet pretty thoroughly and haven't been able to find answer one. So now I am wondering if my frustration is worth doing them at all. For the time being, I am setting them all aside until I can figure out where I can get answers. Does anybody have any advise for me? HELP!! Aside from that, some of the news bits are pretty interesting, so all is not lost.


  1. Have you tried the NY Times crossword puzzle archives? I'll bet the answers to every single crossword puzzle is in there somewhere. If you've got dates, you might be able to backtrack them that way. I was wondering, is this a book of all Sunday puzzles or other days too? The Sunday ones were my favorites for their themes.

  2. I find that setting them aside for awhile and coming back to them helps. Sometimes your brain just needs to rest. Go have some chocolate, dear.

  3. I admire folks who can do crossword puzzles with ease. When I get a few Monday questions right, I feel darn good about myself....until one of my loved ones reminds me it's the easiest puzzle of the week. Oy.