Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Sneezin' and a Wheezin'

Yep, that's me, the gal to stay away from. That's why I haven't been very active the last few days on my blog, or anyplace else, for that matter. About a week ago, Dick woke up with a really bad head cold. He's good at catching them and bringing them home to me. For a long time though, I didn't catch them at all. We were always careful about sleeping in separate rooms etc. so that I could stay well. This time, all that stuff just didn't work. Dick got over his in about four days (he usually does) and I am now going on my fourth day and I still feel like crap. It has been so long since I have been in this state.....at least three or four years. I am not quite sure why I have kept so well. I have been around the great grandkids who have been really sick, and all kinds of sick people who seem to love to go out to church and other places when they are contagious, and I have managed to stay perfectly well.

Oh well, this too will end too. I am beginning to feel a bit better, but I still sound terrible. Last night I was coughing and I had quite a bad asthma attack. Of course I couldn't find the brand new inhaler that wasn't but a month old. I looked everywhere but in doing so, my wheezing only got worse. So, I just resorted to my time old cure of just relaxing my whole body and breathing as deeply as I could and sure enough, within about fifteen minutes, I was breathing normally again.

Funny thing, when somebody calls and asks how you are feeling, if you actually confess that you have a cold or anything else for that matter, they can usually find all sorts of things for you to do to help. Some of the old time remedies are suggested, which, by the way, seem to work better for me that just taking medication. At any rate, I am getting better each day. It usually takes a week, at least for most people. In the meantime, I'm just hanging out in my chair, with an occaisional trip into the office and this computer to read other blogs, but not feeling up to doing any posting myself.


  1. Oh, shoot. I'm sorry you caught that cold. If it's the crummy one everyone in California has been passing around, it's pretty miserable.

    Take care, Mom. Love you.


  2. I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Since others are giving you advise here is some from me. I am a nurse and I have found that the product called Airborne is wonderful. You will either not have the cold develop or it will shorten the time of the cold. It has worked for both my husband and I. I was the mission nurse for the Spokane Washington Mission and I told the Elders and Sisters to take this and many of them came back and said that it worked. Try it on the next one. Meanwhile, rest and drink lots of fluids and get better quick.I am enjoying your blog!
    Blessings to you! LeAnn

  3. Feel better. Take it easy. And keep doing the deep breathing.

  4. Sorry to hear you're not well..hope it's over soon. I'd bring over some chicken soup, but by the time I got there it'd be long gone! My fav cure goes like this: find the cheapest mouthwash that has the most alcohol in it. Pour about 2cups in a saucepan and heat it up...when the steam rises put your face over it and inhale deeply..the alcohol will kill any bugs you have! Do this throughout the day. It will stink up the house, but it will get rid of what ails you. If what ails you is any member of your family hanging around the house, it will cure that too because it will smell so bad they will leave. Get well soon!

  5. Oh man I am sorry you are feeling sick. I battled a sneezy cough thing for several weeks over Christmas and it was miserable. I think sometimes the old fashioned rememdies work best!
    Get Well Soon!

  6. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Sure hope by now you are getting a whole lot better and will be back to your sweet, energetic self very soon. Thoughts and prayers for you sweet Darlene. Thank you again for the prayers for my mom. Hugs and be well!

  7. So sorry you are sick. Whenever I have a cold I'm always surprised at home badly I feel. Good to know about the relaxing and asthma.

  8. Me.too. Sorry you caught the cold but,....you gave it to ME TOO!!! Yep, it's the pits, huh? I had to go to work today and could hardly hear anything because not only my nose was plugged, but the ears as well.
    Hope you (we) feel better soon!!!!