Friday, January 21, 2011

Doctors Are So Much Fun

Why is it that we all hate to go to see a doctor? I absolutely adore my doctor, but I still would rather not go. He is a fabulous doctor though and I know how darned right lucky I am to have him. It's a great story though, about how Mark Benson came to be my doctor. I used to go to his wife, Aurora. Mark, at that time, was in charge of the Emergency Room at Eisenhower Hospital here in the desert. I happened to be in the hospital with really bad bronchitis quite a few years ago. He was on call for his wife, who was on vacation. I don't know why, but we just seemed to hit it off and I really did like him. He mentioned to me that he was going to go into private practice with his wife and I just automatically said, "Do you think she would mind if I had you for my doctor?" He actually told me that he didn't think she would, so that is how I became his very first patient.

Over the years, he has been wonderful to me. He spends so much time with me when we go in that I am almost embarassed to think he might have patients waiting for him. But we (Dick always goes with me and vise versa) are always there over forty five minutes, and sometimes more. We just visit a lot and laugh because he is always joking around. How many doctors these days do you know that will spend more than fifteen minutes with a patient and my hemotologist only spends three or four. Anyway, I really do like this guy.

Having said that, I had to go see him today because my stupid cold is now accompanied by asthma, which I have been able to keep under control since I started taking Advair. He said to me, "Haven't you lost some weight?" Gee, that sounded good to me but I felt guilty so I asked him to see how much I weighed the last time I was in. He looked and grinned by saying, "You've gained five pounds." Yes, I knew that. Holiday weight, you know, which just hasn't come off. Still, it was pretty nice to have him think I had lost. I was wanting to go home, but we stayed longer than we would have because he just seems to relax and take his time when we are there.

On the way home I got the bright idea that I needed to have my hair cut. It was really really long and was driving me crazy, plus I wanted my hair washed so badly and was afraid to do it at home because it takes forever to dry and I had no energy to do it anyway. So now, I have it really really short and I think I am going to like it very much.

Didn't mean to get off the track but now that I have a prescription for a prednisone blast, I am sure the asthma will go. I can only take one antibiotic, Cypro, because I am so allergic to everything. We are both afraid that eventually I will get allergic to Cypro too, so neither of us wants for me to have to take it. I need to save it for a worse time I think. He did give me a presciption for it to get filled if I get a fever.

Actually, I do feel better already and yes, doctors can be fun.


  1. It's good to know that there are good docs out there who are willing to take time to listen and also help! It seems like most docs just sit there with that stupid computer, ask questions, type in answers, and don't even look at you! I laughed about the weight, I would have said "I'm sure I lost weight"...and not ask him to look it up! You are a corker! Now, I think you need pictures added to your blog because I want to see your new do!

  2. I want to see you hair, too, Mom! I'm excited that you finally got it cut. I'll bet you are going to love it.

    Glad you went to the doctor, and I hope the prednisone does the trick. Be sure to pay attention, though, and start that Cipro if you get a fever.

    Love you.


  3. Make that YOUR hair. I want to see YOUR hair.

    Sheesh. One day I will learn to proofread these comments...


  4. If you find a really good doctor it is a blessing.
    I have loved the doctor I have had for the past 10 years. She is awesome and recently she decided to take a new direction in medicine and left her practice. I am still SO SAD. I have an appt. with my new doc next month. I hope I like the new one.
    You should take a picture and show everyone your new haircut!

    Hope you continue to feel better :-D

  5. I am so glad you have a nice doctor and you and he enjoy spending time together when you have a need to see him. Now that he has taken care of you I am hoping to hear you are all up to snuff again quickly.

    Sure would love to see your new hairdo.

    My orthopedic doctor is great and he spends lots of time with me too when I go in. We get along very well. He rides a Harley, I don't but we still enjoy our time when I go in.

    Get well very soon! Hugs

  6. I just went to the doctor this week too and while I really like her a LOT and feel she takes time with me...she certainly doesn't spend 45 minutes with me!! YOU must be an incredible person that he enjoys your company so much! It's always wonderful to have someone looking out for you and taking special interest in your health!
    OK, I echo all the above comments...want to see pics of the new hairdo!!
    As for the Cipro...many antibiotic allergies stem from a penicillin allergy...Cipro is a different variety so hopefully you won''t have to worry about it...take it if you need to! Stay well!!

  7. I have the same problem being allergic to so many antibiotics. I can only take amoxicillen. But I've never tried Cipro....but I thought that was a really strong one. I can't seem to handle the strong ones like Keflex or Zithromax. So like you I try really hard not to take anything.

    Something tells me most drs would take extra time with you. People probably just feel comfortable with you.

  8. Okay, I feel like such a heel. I came round when Sue first said you had a blog. I followed you. And then you didn't show up in my google reader, so I didn't check back. Until today. And look at all the getting to know you that I missed! Shame on me!

    Finding a good doctor that you like is rough. I am still searching for the right one, though I think I may have found him. He comes highly recommended by my brother who is a doctor, so I am hoping it will work out well. How lucky you are to have a wonderful doctor, but also a wonderful friend in that doctor!

    P.S. Your hair looks darling! Very stylish and beautiful. Also, I hope you feel better soon.