Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bugs and Babies

I'm afraid this night's blog is going to be somewhat of a bust. What can I possibly write about when I haven't done much of anything this whole week. I'm afraid I caught Dick's bug after all, so have been feeling pretty punk, then I gave it back to him just when he was almost over it. We finally did go to the doctor yesterday and he put us both on antibiotics and told us that we had bronchitis. I've had it before, but never as light as this time. It has been about six years since I even had so much as a sniffle, and I have been around a lot of sick people lately. I seem to have developed a pretty good imune system along the way. At any rate, neither of us wanted to expose anyone else to our germs, so we weren't able to go to church Sunday. Dick didn't go to his meeting tonight, and I must say it does seem strange for me to be writing this blog as I hear him listening to television in the living room.

The last time I had bronchitis was about ten or more years ago. I had to be hospitalized because it was so bad. My doctor was out of town so her husband, also a doctor who just happened to be the head of the E.R. was on call for her. I was really in bad shape, and he was taking very good care of me. He had planned to quit the E.R. thing and go into private practice with his wife. After being there for a few days, I knew that I really wanted this guy to take care of me forever so I asked him if he thought his wife would mind if I switched. He laughed and promised me that it would be okay. That is how I became his very first patient in his new practice. I absolutely love that man, and it is almost sinful how long we are at his office whenever either Dick or I have to go. He schedules his office visits carefully and we have never had to wait more than five minutes. He is really a funny guy and spends so much time just visiting and joking around. We are usually there about 45 minutes, sometimes more. I knew something was wrong when we had to wait over 45 minutes just to get in. I had a long list of complaints to go over with him, and boy did he have to hurry. He said he was so backed up because so many people were sick. I can believe it too, because a lot of people I know are down with this bug.

Now don't you find all of this just so interesting? I think maybe I had better sign off and try to promise a better blog next week.

We are invited to go to our fifth great-grandchild's first birthday this coming Saturday. I surely do hope that we can go. I have only seen her once since she was born. We've wanted to go more often, but it never seemed to be a good time for the parents. They live about an hour and a half away. Her name is Charlotte, and I think I will get Dick to help me post a picture of her. I will be devastated if we can't go, so I need you all to pray for us to get well by Saturday. BTW, have you noticed how so many new babies are being named the old-fashioned names? I think it is quite nice, after so many odd names that people were naming their children, especially girls.

This picture was taken right after they moved into their new home. She wasn't very old then, and it was the first time we had seen her. How I loved rocking her in her Mom's rocking chair.

This picture was taken a couple of months ago. I don't have very many pictures of her but once in a while her Grandma, my daughter Nancy, sends me one. She doesn't get to see her very often either, but when she does she takes pictures. She seemed to have lopped her head off, but maybe you can see why I am so anxious to see her.


  1. Nice title for your post, Mom! You're getting creative over here...

    I will keep you in my prayers about getting well in time to see Charlotte. I know how much you want to spend some time with her.

    Get well soon!


  2. OH yes, you've got to get well so you can see little Charlotte turn one! With antibiotics I think you have a good chance. Sounds like you have what I do. A one day fever, followed by a horrible productive cough. That goes on and on. I hadn't had an illness either in such a long time that I was surprised I got this.

    Your Dr sounds like a very rare find.

    I like the old names too. I was reading recently the new trend in names is for people to name their babies dog names....and give their dogs people names. I saw a cat this week named Michelle, and a dog named Kevin!

  3. There has been a lot of illness in our Branch too. I went Saturday to check on an elderly couple. The hubby was sick and I figured his wife would follow..and she did. Their Doc was out of town and I told her she needed to get to the ER. I made them a meal, cleaned house and even medicated her a bit for her headache. Thankfully they went to the ER on Mon...he was admitted and she had to get IV antibiotics..both have pneumonia! So please take care of yourself and get well and see that sweet little baby Charlotte! By the way, the blog was great to read because it's about your life..the good and the bugs of it!

  4. Like you, I've experienced bronchitis too in a bad way, yuck! (cute story about your doctor!) Hope you are quickly on the mend because that picture of you and Charlotte is just precious and I hope you will have a fabulous time together!! I'll be praying for you...then AND now!!

  5. Darlene, what a beautiful picture of you and sweet little Charlotte. It's such a great name. I'm glad that you shared your doctor story and it's not boring at all.

    I've recovered from this very nasty cold but still cough now and then. I too seldom get sick with a cold but if I let myself get really tired it will catch me for sure. And I did let myself get very tired just before Christmas like you.

    I'll keep you in my prayers so that you can visit little Charlotte again. Hugs, JB

  6. She is adorable!!! Hope you're able to make it to her party. Get well soon.

    BTW - Ethan keeps asking me when I'll make him Swedish pancakes again!

  7. Sweet picture of that precious little one. I loved the picture of you and her. I like the name Charlotte. I have noticed that some of the older names are being used again.
    I do hope you both get well quickly and that you can attend her 1st birthday party. I will be praying for you to feel good enough to attend this sweet moment.
    I have been sick with a cold since just before Christmas. It is taking forever to get over the cough.Please take good care of yourself.
    I think it is awesome you have such a good physcian and I am sure that he enjoys the two of you alot.
    Blessings to you for better health. You have had enough of struggles in this area.
    Hugs to you!

  8. Sweet Darlene I hope you are feeling much, much better and you and Dick both are well on the mend. What a darling little cutie Charlotte is. Look at that precious smile. Hugs