Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shopping and Dropping

Just read in a magazine the other day about a gal that just kept her Christmas tree up all year and just changed the ornaments on it for whatever holiday it might be, valentine decorations for Valentines Day, colored eggs for Easter (of course you would have to blow the egg out first--that way they would be really light weight on the tree.), flags and other red, white and blue things for July 4th. ect. That would work very well for a small tree, but not so well for my pretty large one. Oh well. All I can say is that it seems really baren and colorless in my living room now. I guess I will just have to get used to it until Christmas come again.

It's been a very uneventful week and I must say that I almost felt like a released prisoner when Dick took me out last Thursday to go to my hematologist to get a blood test. It really seemed like and occaision, something to celebrate. My test was good---11.8, so I don't have to go back now until April. Hurrah! I thought for sure I was going to have to get another iron infusion.

I felt so good that we stopped at the Mall and did a little shopping. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for about three months now to try to find me a nice little black jacket that I could wear over a skirt and blouse for church. My arms always get so cold there. I was lucky to find one(or to be more exact, Dick found it for me, while I looked for the shoe department so that I could find a place to sit down. Why don't department stores have a chair somewhere when old people like me need to sit down pronto.) Anyway, he found one and had me try it on. It fit perfectly so I went back to my chair while he paid for it. On the way out, I had another thought. I asked him if he remembered if he saw any black pants in the same material, same color. Of course he hadn't been looking for that so we went back there. They didn't have any pants, but they had skirts, so I tried one on and it too fit perfectly! A great day for me as now I have a new black suit. Of course it wasn't on sale, but I do love it and I haven't bought any clothes for so long. I keep getting my two daughter's cast offs and my closets are usually bulging, as they are now. I don't think it would be right to wear a black suit to the wedding next month, so still may have to go shopping again. I'm not looking forward to that! I wish Dick had taken a picture of me Sunday, when I wore my new suit, then I could post it tonight.

Wasn't my week an exciting one?


  1. I didn't realize you suffer from low iron. Good you can avoid the infusion. I had a friend who use to get those and I can't remember the reason, but she dreaded them.

    I can't even imagine leaving up a tree all year but changing the decorations. I think part of the reason we love our Christmas tree so much is it's fun to see it after having it gone for 11 months!

    How wonderful that you found not only a jacket but a skirt too! I wear black quite often to church. I was thinking the other day how just decades ago it was not really appropriate to wear black unless it was a funeral or formal dinner. Now the color is so popular and versatile!

  2. Great find, Mom!

    And I think you could wear a black suit if you wore a bright blouse or sweater with it!


  3. I bet that black suit looks good with your pretty white hair. I agree with Sue..that a colorful blouse and accessories would do nicely for that wedding! Your week is about as exciting as mine. I haven't really gone anywhere but work and trying to blog something that won't put everyone to sleep is hard! Atleast the weather has been nice. It's been about 60de. for the last 2 days. Not normal for around here in Feb. I know what you mean about being cold at Church. I keep an afghan and some little throws in the Relief Society room for anyone who needs to warm up. Glad your iron is good too! Have a good rest of this week and weekend. Love Ya!

  4. It's always a good week if you find a good suit that fits well! I am going to agree with Sue and Kathy that a bright blouse or even a scarf (if you're a scarf wearing person) can brighten the suit up to make it "suitable" (no pun intended but it's a good one, yes?) for the wedding. I think there is something to that cold church thing. I keep a pashmina folded up in my purse, and when I get cold I wrap up! Stay well, and be thankful you have a good man with a good eye for clothes! Does he hire out? I also don't like to shop...

  5. Hi Darlene, I haven't forgotten about you. I'm running late all the time commenting on blog lately.

    What a honey of a husband to help you find a perfect fit jacket and skirt... I love black, it' so classy and you can mix and match and accessorize for a stunning outfit. Any way, I'm sure that your presence at the wedding will be more appreciated than what you wear. You are beautiful in any outfit and I'm sure that Dick would agree.

    I've gotten myself so tired and run down and that I got a chest cold. Up until Tuesday I was taking care of 15 calves and the buyer came and bought 4 bull calves and what a difference it makes on my work load.

    Today we have herd health at the farm and the vet will checks cows to see if they are pregnant and also de-worm the herd. Also he will dehorn my little calves. He uses an anesthetic to reduce the discomfort and burns the bud where the horn start to grow. It is so much easier and better than waiting until they are big and cut the horns like they used to do and it bled. No more of that.

    I'm glad to hear that your blood test went great
    Do you have a hobby or two to pass the time? I know that blogging is one and baking is another...
    I'm still working on my king size quilt but haven't had time these last two evening as I was so tired when night came that I had to go to bed earlier than usual. 6:30 comes early in the morning.
    I hope that you will have a great week. Stay safe and warm.
    Whoo Hooo Spring is just 6 weeks away... Hugs, JB.

  6. Oh honey How I wish Dick would have taken your picture so we could see your new suit. I know your just beautiful in it.
    I agree about having places for us older women to sit when all of a sudden we need to bad. Maybe we should start a protest. lol
    I am actually trying tonight to make the decision of going shopping with a girlfriend tomorrow or not. She is one though that shops til you drop and I can't do that anymore so I am leaning toward staying at home.
    Been missing you. I am not a good blogging buddy of late. Thought 2012 would be less stressful for me and I could blog more and visit friends but so far that has not happened.
    Hope to see you in that new suit soon. Tell Dick to get his camera out. lol

  7. Please have Dick take a picture of you in your new black suit. I am so happy that your blood test was good. You need to stay healthy. I love that you husband shopped for you. My husband is great about getting clothes for me. I think the idea of keeping the tree up all year and decorating it would be great. I can say that sence my two downstairs trees still need to be put away. They don't have any decorations; but one is lying on the floor and the other one is still up. My sweet husband is so busy and I can't do it myself because of my stupid back problems. Maybe this weekend it will happen.
    Love reading your post today; you are so fun.

    1. Men do sometimes find just the right clothes in shops! That was such a happy find. It must have been good to emerge from the house.

      Glad to hear you had a good health check.

  8. Can Dick show my husband how to find great finds? Next time you wear your suit, you have to make sure we get a picture.