Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Busy Week

Honestly, I thought by the time I was 84 things would begin to settle down a bit so that we could sit back and enjoy our "retirement" for a while. I just don't understand people who tell me they are bored by staying home. I just can't seem to do all the things I want or need to do, so no boring days for me.

We are trying to get everything ready for the time when part of our family will be spending time with us at the end of the month. It is Sue's birthday on the 31st and they are usually here in Palm Desert with their family. All the guys play golf at a different course each day and they do have their favorites! I try to have lots of good things to eat, so bake and make a lot of things to put in the freezer. That is always fun for me because I like to do both. Still, they like to go out to one of their favorite places to eat while they are here and Dick and I usually stay home although they invite us to go.

The last time I had a group of them here though, two of my daughters told me that they could not sleep together on our make out couch. I know those beds are really uncomfortable, but Dick had done quite a bit to make it less so by putting plywood between those awful things that go across the bed. He put it between the bars and the mattress and then we put a visco elastic cover on top. They said it wasn't comfortable enough for two and Sue ended up sleeping on the couch. (Dave wasn't here). We decided then and there that we would have to make a change. The room isn't big enough for two single beds and it didn't make sense to put a queen size bed in there because when the guys come, they refuse to sleep together. The only solution was to have two single beds. So we went back to what we had in there origianlly, trundle beds. We ordered one which was to have been installed today but now they aren't coming until tomorrow. We ordered two really good single bed mattresses to go on them and they are both pretty high. The top one won't matter so much because no one actually sits on the couch/daybed anyway. We call it a den but it is never in use except for sleeping. The big problem is going to be how to store the too deep mattress in the trundle. We will solve it once it is here. We may just have to put it in the closet. I just didn't want to compromise the bottom mattress not being as good as the top one. We did get the spring mechanism that makes the trundle come up to the height of the other bed so it should all work out well. Of course we will now have to shop for a cover for it and if I can't find what I want it means I will have to make it. I am very fussy because I want it to go with my existing color scheme, so I probably will end up making it.

That leads to another problem. The other day, my sewing machine jammed and the thread is really caught in there. I have usually been able to free it, but just couldn't do it this time. Dick is still trying to find time to look at it, but even after he does, I will probably have to take it some place to get it fixed.

Thurday we are having friends in for dinner and I hate to cook for the guy because he is the pickiest eater I have ever known. She is one of my dear friends and I tell her often that I would hate to be married to him even though I truly love him lots. I wouldn't know what that would be like because thank heavens Dick will eat whatever I make, good or bad. Needless to say, I don't have them over more than once or twice a year.

Enough already. I am tired. We had our monthly Relief Society Birthday dinner where we celebrate all the birthdays in the current month. It is pot luck and lots of fun. I made a cassarole that I used to make years ago with macaroni, cheese, tomatoes and a few other things. It was okay but a little dry. There was quite a bit left over so I will have to "doctor it up" so that it will be yummy. I am pretty good at that, I admit.

That really and truly was my last paragraph.............Love to all



  1. Youa re so funny, Darlene!! It's fun to read what's on your mind!
    Frist, I am never bored wither and never have been. I am amazed though, how my life seems to be on fast-forward and I never seem to have time to just relax and do the things I want to. I am always doing things for someone else wich I guess is good too.
    Good luck with the picky eater. I have a child that way and struggle to make things for her. It gets tiresome to try!
    Your mac & cheese sounds good....everyone loves mac n' cheese!!
    Second, we had the same bed problem as you and solved it by buying from sam's Club a combo futon-sofa, bunk bed and we love it! It is inour boy's old bedroom coverted into a den also. The top bed is a twin bunk. The bottom is a futon-sofa (queen) and very attractive in cherry. Works out well and is comfortable. Hope yours works out as well.
    I have to have my sewing machine cleaned once a year to prevet such mishaps and it helps. Hope Dick can fix yours!

  2. Sorry, didn't proof read and the spelling is awful!!

  3. Good evening, sweet Darlene! I enjoyed this post very much. I have never understood either how anyone can be bored staying home. I love it and always can find plenty to keep me busy and enjoy.

    Sounds like you got the sleeping space situation taken care of so it will work for all. Hope you can get the mattress storage taken care of easily too.

    I have never tried to pleas anyone when I cook. I prepare it, put it on the table, call everyone to come and eat and the rest is up to them. They can eat or not. :) You are sweet to try to please your friends hubby.

    I am pretty good at doctoring up left-overs too. Sometimes those are the best meals I fix.

    Hope Dick can get your sewing machine fixed so you will have it to make those covers if you need to.


  4. Can't wait to see your new bed set-up, Mom. You are so good to try to make everyone so comfortable. I think you do way too much for us, but we love you for it.

    Everyone is looking forward to the golf trip. Can't wait to get there and spend some quality time with you guys.


  5. I love how busy you are and I'm with you: staying home is never boring for me either. You're going to have such fun with everyone coming and I've heard you're an excellent hostess!
    Hope you can get your sewing machine fixed - you'll have to post some pictures of what you end up making!

  6. My goodness you are so busy. I actually thought that at my age of 65, I could relax more and I feel as busy as when I had children. I was looking forward to really slowly down in my 80's. Now that I read all you are doing; I am worried.
    We like you are always trying to fit the children that come into a room. What has worked well is to get a blow up mattress; it works well. We now have good one that we take when we are visiting children.
    Fun to read about your latest adventures.
    Blessings to you!

  7. I am thinking of doing the very same thing in our guest room...getting rid of the twin beds and getting a trundle bed instead. I think it would make a good solution for when our married kids come to visit.

    And I agree, I am never bored either! Even when I stay home there is LOTS to always do.

  8. You're like my Mom..always busy. She says she doesn't want to stop or slow down because "it" might get her..what is "it"? I think she means old age, or illness, or some other "thing" that will make her not be useful. She also has a trundle bed for guests and it's the most comfy thing ever. I know your family will like it. Have fun and keep on being busy. I don't want "it" to get you!

  9. Darlene honey could not let Mothers Day go by without coming by and wishing the very best one for you my sweet friend.
    I so enjoyed reading this post. I felt like we were chatting while enjoying a cup of coffee or a Dr Pepper my favorite. lol
    Like you I never will understand how someone could get bored staying at home. Unfortunately I don't think in this lifetime I will ever enjoy the experience.
    You sound like me when it comes to wanting everyone to have a comfy place to sleep. I know it will work out fine and everyone will have a great time.
    So Sue's birthday is in May too. Mine is the 13th.
    Happy Mother's Day Darlene
    Love ya

  10. Cook what you want and enjoy and let the picky eater pick! He's made it this far--it won't kill him.