Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interesting Holiday

It was great fun having Sue's family here. I am waiting for her to call me to let me know they arrived safely. I may have to wait a long time because from all I've heard from people who have been traveling this holiday, the traffic has been perfectly awful.

Things did get a bit hectic with all the gang here. It was too bad that I had to have Dick take me to the emergency room last night just as everyone was sitting down to dinner. I had been having some pain in my back which traveled along under my arm to just below my left breast. I took three nitros and when the pain didn't go away after waiting the appropriate time for it to diminish, my directions said to go to the emergency room. I had to call Dick over to my chair to tell him it was time for me to go. Poor guy, he didn't even get to eat any of the beautiful dinner I had prepared. I hated like heck to leave them as I really wanted to be around to celebrate Sue's birthday and watch her open her birthday presents. Dick and I had such fun shopping for them. But I honestly thought I'd better do it right. I hated the fact that the doctor in the ER decided that I must stay over night for a bunch of tests and to monitor me.

To make the whole situation worse, I had just been in my hospital bed a short time when they brought a new patient in. The PATIENT FROM HELL. That woman was totally crazy. She screamed and yelled all night long. I kid you not, I did not get a wink of sleep. Just as I could feel myself falling asleep the bright lights would go on and she would start screaming for the nurse. I felt so sorry for those poor women who had to keep answering her call. If they didn't come running, the screaming and yelling would start. She kept saying that she was in such pain and she needed oxycontin. Of course they kept telling her she could only have what the doctor ordered for her. When she wasn't spending her time giving the nurse hell, she was calling her friends on the phone (lucky friends to be awakened in the middle of the night.) She kept calling until she finally got one that said she would come and get her. So at six oclock in the morning she checked herself out. Boy , was that ever a relief. I tried to go to sleep after that but just couldn't. Too many people kept coming in my room.

When my doctor arrived he told me that everything checked out fine and that my heart wasn't damaged. He feels it was all stress related. He told me I could go home that morning. My day nurse was so nice. When I told her I had my daughter visiting with all her family from Northern California and that they were home hoping that I would get released so that they could say goodbye to me before they had to leave, she told me that she was going to start the paper work for me and can you believe that I actually got out of there at nine thirty? I have never been able to go home before noon.

It was neat to be able to say goodbye and get good hugs from all before they were on their way.

This afternoon I had to go get my second shot of faraheme(sp?, my iron for my very low hemoglobin count. ) I had just been to my primary care doctor and my cardiologist last week and now I have to go back to see each one of them soon again. Crazy!

Now that I have disclosed all my medical woes (sorry sorry sorry) I am going to go to sleep in my nice comfortable chair until Dick gets home from his church meeting

Hope next weeks post won't be such a downer.


  1. Well Sue mentioned this on her blog and I for one am very glad that you are all right. You are amazing. You do so much for your family!!
    I guess you need to take it easy for awhile :-D

    Hope you are feeling good - Have a happy week!

  2. Sorry you got the crazy drug-seeking lady for a neighbor while at the hospital, but the main thing is that you're okay. You really gave us all a scare!

    It's good to know that you are home now, safe and sound. Quite a relief.

    Love you.


  3. I'm just glad you're OK! Better safe than sorry, I say - but being safe isn't always fun. Now, lady - you put your feet up for awhile and relax!

  4. I read this 2 days ago, and I'm just relieved you are okay. I always over do also when my kids are coming to town...not because I have to, but because I want everything to be nice for them. I know you feel the same.

    What a roommate you had in the hospital!!

  5. O my goodness! I am so sorry you had to spend your children's visit like that! So glad all i well and that you are taking it easy and putting your feet up and relaxing. I will send you my recipe for carmel corn one of these days. It is a microwave one and kind of a different process but we LOVE it so anyways--will share it soon.