Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well, if this hasn't been something. I was writing away on my previous post and all of a sudden my screen went completely white. Very scary. Whenever anything weird happens I yell for Dick, and he came running. The upshot of the whole thing is that our aol is not working properly and I was just sick because I thought I had lost the whole thing. He sat down at this computer and has been working for the past hour trying to save what I had written and get things working again. He finally did save it on to our word perfect. At first we couldn't get it pasted back on to this because every time he would try it would come up "Error 400" When he went on to look at Error 400, he found many places to get it fixed and he was afraid to even try one because he was afraid it might be a virus. I can't really explain it all because I am not smart enough to really understand myself, but anyway the end result is that he was able to get it on through Internet Explorer. I don't know what happened to aol but am not going to worry this any more. Funny, I was in the middle of a sentence when it happened. I finished it and then went ahead and posted it really thinking it might not post, because we had tried many times before and it wouldn't post, but it did . I was pretty shocked and upset that I hadn't even had a chance to edit it. I do make errors when I type so fast. Oh well. Now I am just going to try to write the last paragraph I had written on the end, which never did get saved.

Last paragraph, here goes:

A strange thing happened to me ealier today. I got scammed by a telephone call. At least the guy TRIED to scam me. He had me convinced at first that it was my grandson, Todd. I started to think maybe it wasn't him, even before he tried to get me to wire him money to fix a rental car in Madrid Spain, if you can imagine. I knew that Todd was taking finals so I didn't think he would be in Spain. These things happen all the time and I had read about these guys that try to scam Grandparents into sending money, usually out of the country. He finally hung up when I refused to send him money. Crazy day, all in all and I won't be sorry when it is over.

Sorry about not being able to edit prior post today. I think once a week is about all I can take. I don't know why but things happen to me when I try to post anymore.


  1. I have had to get my husband to help me recover some of my writings more than once. I don't have a clue how to recover anything on the computer. I just know I get stressed out when it happens; especially if it is something important.
    Have a great day!

  2. Darlene, you are just one of those people that have interesting things happen to them. You are such a busy lady and I love hearing about all the things you do. I think I would want my oatmeal bread with all 3 fattening things on it too - that's how I roll, unfortunately - but it's so delicious its hard to resist!

  3. I have read about that very thing too...pretending to be one's grandson. Good thing he didn't get you. SO sad there are people in this world planning such things.

  4. I just got over having a virus on the computer..it took a professional 3hrs to fix! I often say how glad I am that I don't have a baseball bat in my computer room! I'm glad you didn't fall for that scam...it's scary how careful we have to be. I know you are busy getting ready for family, so don't forget to sit and rest too so you'll be ready for all the fun! Have a great week Darlene!

  5. That is such a strange thing to have happen, and I'm glad you weren't fooled by the scammer.

    We are all looking forward to coming to see you two. It won't be long now!


  6. Sorry about the problem with your posting and that guy who tried to scam you, glad you were on your toes.

    Glad you found a sewing machine and hope you enjoy sewing on it for a long time. I love a-line skirts although I wear skirts rarely any more.

    Good to hear the bed is working out for you.

    Enjoy the remainder of the week. I know you are very busy lady so don't forget to take care of you and get some rest when you need to. Hugs

  7. This is one of those..."all's well that ends well"!
    Viruses...yuck!! I've had one to many and lost everything!
    Scammers....I've had one too many of those too, except they got my wallet! They are now in jail though so I don't worry anymore. Glad you got your problems fixed!! (Dick sounds like a keeper!!)

  8. Just read you comment on Sue's post, Darlene. It touched my heart! You are an insightful, amazing woman and I admire you! Funny how you can connect with another person like this but I feel how GOOD you are and care about you. Now at my own mother is gone, I think about things that you described in your comment too. Well all meet over tea in heaven someday to chat about it, huh?