Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yes indeed, it is a brand new week and the last one actually went very well. I had meant to get at least a couple of "rest days" in, but that never really worked. It seems that when I don't have anything at all planned, I can always think of many things to do, so it was a fairly busy one. Unfortunately it wasn't too productive. We went shopping a couple of the days and ended up with zero, so that is always a bit sad, but at least we didn't spend any money. I have been looking for a white A line skirt for about four years and I just don't understand why I haven't been able to find one. There are full skirts, and straight skirts on line, but no A lines. I may have to make one, but not until next month, at least.

I did buy a new sewing machine--well, not new, but new to me. The gal that sold it to me was so nice. She even gave me a hug. It's funny, how sometimes you meet someone so casually and you feel like that is a person you would like to really know and have in your life. I felt that way about Diane. Her mother in law had given her this portable Singer sewing machine about four years ago hoping that she would use it to learn how to sew. She has a darling little girl and I'm sure she would have loved to have Diane make cute clothes for her. She had no desire however, and every time she would see this machine she would feel guilty, so she finally moved it out to the garage. She still would see it though and the guilt never left so she advertised in on Craig's list where I saw it when I just thought I would take a quick look to see if anyone had advertised one. We had just put our make down sofa bed on Craig's list, which incidentally, I haven't recevied one single call on.

We are very pleased with our day bed and know this will be such a much better situation for our family. The time is passing very quickly now and it won't be too much longer before they will be here. I am trying to do a little something every day to prepare for the feeding and caring of all of them when they come. When we are all together, there will be 13 of us. Sme will only be here for a couple of days and some for all of it, so I want to be sure I have plenty of goodies. I made oatmeal bread today and Dick and I just had to have a big slice of it while it was hot. I had mine with butter, honey and almond butter. Yes, ALL THREE of those fattening things. Dick had his with peanut butter. My kids eat it without anything on it at all. Crazy, to my way of thinking.

My Mother's Day was great. Went to church, came home and talked to all five of the kids. I knew they would all phone, so it was fun just relaxing and waiting for them. They sent me such neat presents too. They are all a little too generous though. I would rather they just called me because that is all I really need, just to hear them tell me that they love me.

My dinner for the picky eater turned out very well. I found out he isn't as picky as I thought. He doesn't like any gravies or creamed stuff or fancy cooking. He will eat meat, potatoes, vegetables and salads. They brought the most interesting pie for me. Claudia made it and it was from Oklahoma (the recipe, that is) called the Oklahoma oatmeal coconut pie. It tasted like pecan pie with oatmeal and coconut instead of pecans.

Will finish later.


  1. So you decided on a day bed rather than a trundle? Doesn't a day bed only sleep one? The reason I ask is we are having the same dilemma here. I have 2 twins in one guest room and then just one twin in the other. Problem is the one twin bed is not enough for my married kids. So we've been looking for a trundle but haven't had much luck in finding what we want. SO now I'm wondering if your daybed sleeps 2?

  2. I alway enjoy reading your posts. Isn't it amazing how much we have to do each day and we though twe could just take it easy. I think it is so great to plan a head for your event and just work on one thing at a time. I know you are going to have a fun time with all. Remember to relax and enjoy the moments and let all of your family help. I am sure you do that anyway.
    I love that you sew. My mother sewed up until she was about 89 years old. I did sew a little but never enjoyed it like she did.
    Blessings to you !

  3. My goodness but you have been busy! I LOVE Craigslist--I have been furnishing my new home with lots of items from there. It will be so fun when all that family gets there and you are so smart to plan ahead--but still I think you get more done in one day than I get in in 3!